NYFW Day 4


Last, but not least...our last day in the big city! Sunday was our final day running around to shows and appointments, because Monday Sydney and I flew out early morning to head back home.  Unfortunately, the last day for me was pretty rough and uneventful.  I ended up staying in the hotel the first half of the day because I woke up not feeling great.  I think it was a mix of not feeling well, and also being homesick.  What can I say, I'm a total homebody!

With that being said, the last half of the day was spent at a show in a Mercedes dealership which was really interesting!  We saw the display of Seven Crash and Lavanya Coodly and let me just say the experience was so fun!  To think about all the work that was put into the shows, it really makes it that much more special to get invited and be a guest.  


After our show, we took another break since our dinner reservations weren't until 8.  Our dinner was much worth the wait, considering we got several appetizers, entrees, drinks and dessert.  We were hosted by Bond 45 at our private table down below.  Bond 45 is an Italian restaurant that makes most of their food in house, which you could tell because of how fresh everything tasted! And can we talk about how adorable that drink was?! I'm under 21, but all the other babes enjoyed it!

Since Sunday only consisted of two events for me, I decided to include my NYFW outfit recap in here too. Two for one! You can shop my outfits below and use Shop The Post. Until next time, New York...


Danielle Alana


NYFW Day 3

I'm not going to lie...at this point, I was pretty ready to come home.  With being a blogger comes A LOT of work, and we were running around each day with barely any breaks.  BUT, also with blogging comes a lot of fun, memorable, happy times, that makes ALL of the hard work SO worth it.  Anyways, let's get started!


We left the hotel with none of our makeup being done, which felt so weird! But that was our first stop, and in case you didn't know getting my makeup done is one of my favorite things.  Not to mention how sweet my makeup artist was!  You could tell she was experienced, and knew exactly what she was doing, which made me feel confident in how I felt and looked.  She nailed the look I asked for and I HIGHLY recommend her and Pucker if you are ever in the area.  Better yet, I have a discount code *screams*! Use code "SOCAL10" to get $10 off your first makeup appointment when booking with them. 


After getting all dolled up, we were photo ready!  We met Christian in Union Square Park for a photoshoot. Even though Sydney is my #1, its always fun meeting new photographers and shooting with them.  It definitely expands both parties experience, and the fact that we were in New York, it added a whole new vibe! The group shots, were without a doubt, my favorite ones from the shoot. I thought and felt that we looked cool (haha) while posing and then getting the pictures back just confirmed my feelings. Ha!


My favorite part of any day...eating.  We rolled in for a late lunch at Mamo.  I realized at this point that all of our food choices and hosted dinners were mostly Italian, and thats why our food was so delicious! New York seriously has the best pizza EVER and I can't wait to go back for more.  Not to mention their pasta, that was delicious as well.  Even though I'm such a plain jane when it comes to food, angel hair pasta and red sauce just does the trick for me! We all loved our plates though, and are definitely putting Mamo down on our itinerary for next time.

The next half of the afternoon Sydney and I spent in the hotel, and we actually decided to watch Bride Wars since she never has.  Now that she's seen it, she'll agree with me that it is the cutest movie ever.  Hands down.  After our movie break we attended the Mac Duggal show, and even though I watched it from outside (New York traffic UGH) I feel confident in saying that the show was phenomenal and i though the gowns that they showcased were stunning!

To wrap up our day, we went to a local restaurant and met up with a few other fashion bloggers for dinner and long story short, we had more good conversation and yummy food.  What else could a girl ask for!

I loved my outfit for Day 3 because my layers were extra warm, so I only had to have 3 and I was able to survive.  I loved that my outfit looked like it was effortless, and also that it was cute ;) Grey and black together are pretty plain colors so I decided to add my cheetah heeled boots to this and it totally made it pop! You can shop my outfit below via "Shop the Post". Thanks so much for reading!


Danielle Alana

NYFW Day 2



Let the craziness commence! We started off bright and early at 7 AM (keep in mind that in Cali it’s 4 AM, I was definitely riding the struggle bus) and got ready for our LONNGGG day of getting ready, blowouts, photoshoots, and after parties. We decided to ditch bagels for breakfast and stuck with Jamba Juice, their oatmeal is actually delicious and so cheap. Not to mention a protein smoothie because after what I ate on travel day... my body needed it!

First stop was Blogger Blowouts with my babes Alison and Kristin, not to mention it was my first blowout EVER! I seriously loved it and now I know how people become obsessed. Wash and dry my hair everyday please! Oh, and style it.  We went to Vidov Salon in New York City, and it was a little salon with the best charm ever!  Arielle styled me and I asked for curls, and she did just that. It was my go to style but I always think hair stylists can do ten times better.


Next we ventured off to the Eliza J. showroom in downtown. If you haven’t heard of them, they are a designer that sells dresses through Nordstrom and they are gorgeous. We got a sneak peak at their upcoming Spring and Summer line that blew me away! I had my eyes on 3 dresses in particular (the one that I'm holding in the picture)  and I can’t wait until it launches! This line definitely made me excited for Spring and Summer.  


After Eliza J., it was photoshoot time! We were lucky enough to get invited to Maggy London to shoot some of there London Times fashion and I was lucky to get chosen to shoot some Maggy London dresses! Best part? We got to keep them all! Definitely something you only get to experience once. We were so lucky!!! 


Photoshoot, photoshoot, photoshoot!!! We freshened up back at the hotel and went out to shoot with Sydney, at what we were thinking was a park. You know like the ones in the movies that are in New York and have pretty walkways? Well, we made it to the park and it was literally a basketball court... not exactly what we had in mind. We made do with the cross walks though, and the photos actually came out adorable! It ended quickly though because the temperature dropped VERY fast. We ran into a grocery store to wait for our ride to find us because we were way too cold!  Since we were in the area, we stopped at Chelsea Market and ended up in a little restaurant with live music and yummy (ok) food. ;)

Time for the best part- outfit details! Unfortunately my sweater is sold out, but I linked a couple of look a likes and I’ll let you know when it’s back in stock! My coat though... TO DIE FOR! It kept me so warm and can we talk about how fancy it looks?! I felt like such a boss lady! AND it’s on sale right now! It’s a bit pricey but I say it’s worth the splurge. It will last me a couple a years without a doubt. And as for my shoes, those are under $100! Shop the Post below.  



Danielle Alana

NYFW Day 1


What a dream come true! We landed in New York late afternoon and it was such a smooth ride. I was SO shocked how well I did because if I haven’t made it clear enough already, I’m not the best flyer. We only had turbulence when flying over Colorado and Wisconsin, and that was it! Luckily I had my BFF/Photographer by my side so I’m sure having her there to keep me calm had something to do with it ;) 

Other than our flight, Day 1 of NY was mostly traveling. We had to wait for the rest of the SoCal Blogger Babes to land and once we were all together, it was around 9 PM. We ended up grabbing pizza at an adorable little hole in the wall called Capizzi, and let me tell you that pizza was delicious. 

After dinner Kristin, Alison and I ventured to find metro passes and that turned out to be harder than we thought. Ten minutes- in and out we said. We easily took a half hour to even find the machine, and then once we bought them we realized we had ventured all the way across the building so we had to walk alllll the way back. Can you tell we’re not from here? 

Once we got back to the room it was bedtime. Throughout our whole trip we are staying at the DoubleTree Inn, and even though our room is quite snug (you’ll know if you saw my insta stories), we’re making do!

You didn’t think I would let you go without seeing my outfit details, did you?! ;) My coat is seriously to die for- I feel like a giant teddy bear! It kept me warm in the city and on the plane, not to mention it’s adorable. Thank you Krista for designing this! (I can’t find it right now, but it’s from Vici Collection and it was Krista Horton’s line!) Make sure to get your hands on it before it sells out. I kept the rest of my top half and bottom half pretty basic, and I let the coat steal the show. I had my heat tech long sleeve, my fave jeans and my OTK boots that I’ve been wearing all season. You can shop them all through these links, under the picture, or through Shop The Post. 

Thanks so much for reading and come back tomorrow for Day 2 that is MUCH more exciting! 


Danielle Alana





What I Got For Christmas 2017

Better late than never, right?



Happy New Year, friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas spent with loved ones and family, and also a Happy New Year.  I did a poll on my Instagram stories shortly after the holidays and the majority vote was that you wanted to see what I got for Christmas!  It takes a lot of time to do photos BUT I linked everything and did a few just so you guys can see.  As I get older, the more I start to order my own gifts and they mostly aren't surprises anymore.  Please keep in mind that I do not share these posts to brag about what I got, but to mainly show you gifts that I received and that I am loving.  But with that being said, lets take a look! 

Also, I know this is super late but you guys wanted to see!

ILY Couture Sweaters! Sweater #1 (Less Sunday) and Sweater #2 (sold out, but this is the tank top version.  Perfect for summer!)

Disney Graphic Tees for my disney days!

Tee 1 | Tee 2 | Tee 3 | Tee 4 | Tee 5 

Lulu Leggings for nanny life

Maroon Pair & Black Pair

My new curling iron. Click HERE if you missed my hair post!

The comfiest slippers EVER

My Signature Smell (perfume)

Basic Tees 



Hunter Boots

Ugg Slippers


The rest of my gifts were basically money and gift cards.  Which as I get older, even thought it isn't as exciting to open, it goes way further.  I'm able to buy things I need and actually LOVE instead of wasting time returning things.  


Well, thats it!  Hopefully next year I can get a head start on this and have the post ready right after Christmas so it goes up before the New Year.  Life throws curve balls though, and it did this year.  So you never know! 


Danielle Alana