Flawless Foundation

I'm a lucky girl, in my opinion! I get compliments that are SO sweet and one of the questions I get asked most by my lady friends is, "What foundation are you wearing?" I have a dedicated blog post to my everyday makeup routine, which you can find HERE. Since I get it so often I thought I would dedicate another blog post to the foundation part of my routine along with what I do to achieve that. 

The foundation brush that has been my ride or die for years now, is the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush. I've been using this since my freshman year of high school (changing it out when needed obviously haha!) and I haven't tried anything else. Mostly because, I don't NEED to try anything else. It does the job, always! I believe that next to the type of foundation you are using, your brush needs to be just as quality and amazing to achieve having flawless foundation. 

I'm a busy lady, so when I do my makeup its normally for some type of event.  Since I'm so busy, I soak up any amount of extra sleep I can get...which means pretty much everyday I'm rolling out of bed! I'm not a total slob, but if I do my makeup and/or hair for work, I must be having a REALLY good day. With that being said, when I'm going to an event, having a photoshoot, or getting ready for date night, I 99% of the time want a full coverage look-- which means 24 hour foundation.  This type is heavy, but thats what makes it full coverage.  It covers everything-- every blemish, every imperfection, every discolor, its magic! Your entire face will look silky smooth and picture perfect in every photo, and warning, you WILL get compliments! 

A full coverage look isn't for everyone, but at the moment this is the only type I have.  No CC creams, nothing! Its on my wish list but at the moment, I feel very honest with myself when it comes to getting ready.  I'm either going big...or I'm not going! Lol. Shop below my foundation brush and foundation, which are both under $50! STEAL!


Danielle Alana

My Everyday Jewelry

Every girl needs some accessories, right? I thought it would be fun to share where my everyday jewelry is from so you guys can get some inspo and also do a little bit of shopping! Over on the gram I'm constantly getting DM's about where my necklaces are from, so I'm going to link EVERYTHING (that I can) for you guys so you can have it all in one place.


My Favorite Brands

GorjanaMade by MaryNordstrom | Kate Spade

Other than necklaces, I tend to keep my bracelets at a minimum. Usually the only thing you'll see on my wrist is my Apple Watch, and if you click on it I linked the exact version I have. If you're thinking about getting one, DO IT. It really is life changing.  I'm a nanny, so to be able to leave my phone in my bag and go throughout the house not holding it while I clean, do laundry, and most importantly play with the kids is a game changer. Not only that, but around the house, while I'm running errands, and basically everyday life. Not gonna lie though, when I'm not wearing it, you'll catch me staring at my wrist 10 times a day and then getting mad at myself after like the fifth time!

When it comes to choosing a necklace each day, I don't like switching them often so I will usually wear what I have on for multiple days at a time until I change it.  Safe to say, I'm kind of lazy! Another thing I like to do with my necklaces is layer them! I get questions like if I measure my necklaces to go with other ones, and the answer is no I don't.  I'm care free and I just grab one length necklace, and if I have a shorter one that matches I'll add it on and vice versa.

One tip I do recommend is when shopping for jewelry, grab different lengths! On the websites I recommended they have 16, 18, and sometimes longer.  I usually get 16 inch necklaces at Gorjana and then 18 at Made By Mary! But lets be real... I never really pay attention.  I just see something I like and grab it!

Below you'll find a carrousel with necklaces that I either have, or are on my wish list! And of course I made sure to keep all price points in mind! Unfortunately I can't link necklaces from Made By Mary but, the link to their website is here, up above and their Instagram link is here.


Danielle Alana

Birthday Wish List | 21


The day has finally come! Today I turn 21 years old. Some people wait their whole lives for this day... I waited for this day so I can now finally say I'm at least 21.  The past couple years all I've gotten is, "Wait, you are only 20?!" Or whatever age I am.  Now I can at least drink, even though, I don't drink at all. I have yet to find an alcoholic drink that doesn't make me gag.  Leave suggestions below for this newbie if you have any! Anyways, people are always SO shocked when I tell them how old I am, so now the day has come... I'm finally as old as I (almost) look. If you need me tonight, I'll be in bed by 9.  Tim is currently trying to bribe me to at least stay out until midnight and order ONE drink... and I'm like nah, whats on Netflix?!  You feel me? No?... Party of one over here.  Yesterday you guys voted that instead of a Q&A, you wanted to see what was on my birthday wish list. So let's jump in!

Louis Vuitton Clemence Wallet

Tory Burch Miller Sandal

T3 Hairdryer



Can you guess how many of these I got?...NONE! Haha ok not none, Tim did hit the jackpot and got me a pair of Tory Burch sandals.  I'm so stoked because they're what I wear all day everyday- you'll rarely ever see me with them not on.  Even in the Winter! The rest of the items are wish list items, hence the title of the post.  Some people use these for realistic lists, but I like to dream (since its my birthday!) about things that are far out of reach...but I still want! ;)

Cheers to 21 being one of the best years yet, and for getting ready for a whole new adventure...


Danielle Alana


My #NSale Picks: Fitness Guru & Shoe Finds


Who else here wears athletic clothes? All day long? And doesn't actually work out? Me! Lol. Recently I've gotten better because I just signed up for Tone Barre, so I'm attending classes every week.  Which hey... its something! Today I thought I would round up both fitness buys and also my shoes finds, for two reasons.  One, the sale opens up to the public tomorrow, so I only got one day to get this to you guys! Two, I wasn't honestly impressed with either collection.  I only bought one pair of shoes (wait what?) and no fitness purchases, really.  I've never bought anything fitness related from Nordstrom anyway besides Nike, so that wasn't much of a surprise.  Although I was disappointed that they didn't have Nike shoes I was in love with! But besides that, the boots and booties really didn't catch my eye this year.  I'm not sure if this Cali heat wave has something to do with it, or what, but I'm pretty bummed! Summer isn't going away anytime soon here, so Fall hasn't really hit me yet.  Lets hope it changes! Either way though, I rounded up some that hopefully you guys will LOVE.

Remember, by clicking the highlighted in pink or scrolling through the carousel of products, it will take you to the Nordstrom site where you can shop.


Pevista BootieNow that I look at it online, I want to buy it, ha! This shoe is the perfect low bootie height and also has the cutest opening for a casual boho look.

Waterproof BootiePretty dang cute for a waterproof bootie if you ask me! The color is unique though, depending on your style.

Trace Studded Mule- SO CUTE.  This adorable flat has my heart, but unfortunately with a past of breaking my feet over and over again, these shoes are a recipe for a disaster with me.  Buy them if you can!

Kentvi Sandal- They didn't have these at my store, but I'm debating getting these when the sale goes live to the public.  What do you think?! Great price too! And comes in 3 colors.

Open Toe Mule- I bought some that looked similar to these, but these are the less expensive B.P version. These will go FAST.

Cheetah Mules- I've wanted these for awhile now, but again these don't work with my feet.  Grab them if you can.  And if you do, know that I'm jealous!

Converse Chucks- I wish I got these, and I'm probably going to order them! They would be adorable paired with jean shorts and for running errands. 

Rain Boots- A winter and fall staple for me! I already have these, and if you don't snag them while they are on sale. They always sell out regardless of the sale, because even if it does' train they're still cute to wear!


Cut Off Leggings- So I learned that Zella is actually a sister to Lululemon.  How cool is that?! I tried on these leggings and was a fan! The perfect leggings.

High Waisted Leggings- These leggings are super high waisted, as listed, so I wouldn't wear these until super cool days approach us since they are thicker in my opinion.

Adidas Tank- A basic tank for running errands or working out in! If you're one of those types of people- haha.

Nike Tank- Same here, just a different brand.  Nike is my personal favorite!

North Face JacketI bought this jacket and I'm so excited to wear it! It is SO soft (as it looks) and really will keep you warm while at the same time cute.

Water Proof Jacket- Everyone needs this type of jacket, but they sell out SO FAST, so RUN!

Nike Pullover- Everyday workout wear for errands! I say errands because I never actually workout, and when I do I wouldn't wear this to class just because I sweat fast. 

There you have it folks! My final round-up for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018. Hands down, my favorite section to shop this year was women's clothing.  Every year it changes, but that usually stays true along with another section. The reason why I promote this sale so much is because Nordstrom is my ride or die store.  You can always count on them for high quality clothing and stuff that will last a life time.  Though it is expensive for most, I can promise you its worth it.  You won't see these prices for these items once the sale ends, so take the risk, and get what you need, ON SALE! You can shop the products using the above links or scrolling below. Happy Shopping, and I'll see you back here shortly for the Ultimate Guide.

Shoe Finds

Fitness Guru

The Ultimate Guide: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018


The day you all have been waiting for! Tomorrow the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale goes LIVE to the public- which means Nordstrom Card or not, YOU can shop the sale and grab these amazing deals! This will last until August 5th, and then EVERYTHING will go back up to regular prices. SO whether you shop online or in store, this will be your one stop shop ultimate guide to shopping the Anniversary. If you've read my posts before these, then you know I shopped pretty much every important section! The shoes, fall clothes, beauty buys and fitness needs. If you missed those posts, click on the words highlighted in pink above to read them. 

I have rounded up ALL my buys in every post that I think you would love, and put them all here to make the ultimate guide. I'm telling you whats worth it, whats not, and what I think you need to grab ASAP before it sells out. Without further ado... let's get shopping.


To shop the above, click HERE.


I have a post dedicated to activewear and shoe finds. Click HERE to read + shop the post.


I have a post dedicated to beauty buys. Click HERE to read + shop the post.