My Updated Skincare Routine | 2018


I don't know about you, but I LOVE reading what products people use to take care of their skin.  Do they use drugstore finds? Do they buy it at Sephora? Nordstrom? Do they spend $500? Watcha doin'? So this for me is fun to write, especially because I just found a new skin care line that I'm loving, which if you watch my stories on Instagram (you can follow me here), you know what company I'm talking about! Low and behold, my new skincare products...


These are the main skincare products I have been using and I am nothing short of being in love! Mostly because I have gotten so many compliments on my skin now then I have in years.  In high school, my acne got to the point where it was kind of out of control, so I went on Accutane.  When on this drug, you can have no broken bones because it prevents healing.  Weird right? Well, guess who broke their foot while on the medication?! This girl. So I had to stop half way through being on it, which was SO annoying, but luckily I got to go on it again and I was able to finish the whole round and my skin has been good ever since.  It's not perfect, nope.  I still have blackheads unfortunately and my skin texture is not how I want it, but its way better then it was before.  So, when I started using TULA I was really excited because I feel that my skin has gotten so much smoother since then which is exactly what I wanted! Other than Tula though, I do use one other product in my routine that I cannot live with out.  I'm going to go through every product I use and why you need it in your life. Let's get started!

THIS is apart of my night routine when I wear makeup.  This is a GAME CHANGER. Before I used this, I would just scrub my face with wipes and then go to bed with skin burning. What else was I supposed to do?! Go to bed with makeup? My skin wasn't super irritated by any means, but after rubbing it for minutes I would get the burning sensation which I just lived with. Ever since finding this, I use this loosen my makeup off so I don't have to do as much scrubbing. Everybody uses this product differently, but for me I rub it in thoroughly all over and then use a makeup wipe to wipe it all off- in just one wipe.  #win


After taking my makeup off, or if I didn't wear any that day, I wash my face with this cleanser.  This face wash is amazing! I think some people dislike strong smells of face washes and this one has a scent of nothing, which is a nice change for me.  I usually use products that are heavy with perfumes and I think my skin is thanking me for using a product that is pure and contains probiotics.  After washing, my skin feels squeaky clean and it feels healthy (if thats possible. lol.)


Toner is what I use next! I usually use cotton pads but recently I've been out, so I use cotton balls instead. I never really understood what the purpose of toner was.  I used a drug store version for awhile and I didn't ok, another step in my routine, what did that do? It felt like rubbing water all over my face, if we're being honest. After doing research, using toner is best for people with oily or acne-prone skin. It gives an extra cleanse, which I have noticed with this Tula toner. I looked at my cotton pad one night and realized there was some residue (either makeup or dirt) that was left over that didn't all get out from washing my face. So once this happened to me for the first time, I realized using a toner was a must.  


My final step is my moisturizer. In the morning I use it as a primer, for sure! I currently don't have one because I haven't had the time to go run out and get one. So for now this moisturizer works! It is an aqua (water) moisturizer but definitely doesn't feel like it. It has a creamy feel that makes my skin feel hydrated and works at night when I'm going to bed.  If I don't use this, I usually do their face mask which is a game changer. My favorite part is the glow it gives you haha my girly side loves it. Besides the way it looks though, I love going to bed with the leftovers on my skin because the next morning my skin feels like a baby bum! 


On a normal night and morning, these are the steps I take to get clean skin. Some nights of the week though, I will either do a face mask or a use their exfoliating pads. The mask has several pros.  One, when you put it on it has this iridescence glow to it so your skin looks like a highlight.  LOVE. The second pro to me is I can feel it working. Theres a difference between a good sting and a hard sting, if you know what I mean.  I've gotten a chemical peel before and those BURN. This has a tingly feeling to it for me when I put it on, but in my opinion its the good kind. That's how I know it is working! If I don't do the mask though, TULA sent me some exfoliating pads that I will use instead.  I used these for the first time and my jaw literally dropped.  It gets all the dead skin off, and you guys...I was disgusted by how much of my dead skin came off! I was grossed out beyond belief and am just thinking about it. I love this one too because I've never seen an exfoliating tool do such a good job, with results. I was able to watch layers of skin come off, that was a first! 

Keep watching my Instagram stories this week, I will be doing a Tula giveaway! It will be on my feed but also chit chatting on my stories, per usual. Stay tuned!


Danielle Alana


My Current Eye Routine


For years now, ok maybe just months, I've been feeling like I haven't been able to find my go to routine.  I kept using products I didn't like, and not feeling comfortable with my look. I tried the top liner, along with eyeliner on my water line.  Hated it.  Which I'm kind of salty about--not going to lie! I wish it looked good on me but every time I try it I feel it looks too heavy and I also look kind of scary lol! The last time I tried a wing liner I hated it, and felt that it didn't match me or my personality either.  I had a day where I was willing to explore with my look and I decided to try a winged liner look again, and was pleasantly impressed. I almost questioned myself like, why haven't I been doing this before? Probably because last time I did it I was in high school and I did it WAY to thick. #truestory Anyways, I've been using this look for awhile now and finally feel that I have a signature look- at least for now! These products I've been using for weeks and I think they really work. Especially since getting my lash extensions off, I've been using a new mascara that I also wanted to share.  


THIS liner is so far my tried and true.  I went on to try Sex Kitten by Tarte, and I was not impressed. I had the biggest black line smear on my eyelid after only a couple hours of wearing it, and I know for a fact it wasn't from my mascara. I had some sweat from mascara coming off on my eyelids like we all do, and then on top of that a black thick line. Nope! THIS black liner, the one I use everyday, I LOVE and it would never do that to me. What I love most is that it has the most precise tip making it really easy to a wing, or a simple line. What is it about us girls that we need a black thick line to make us look better?! Lol!


If you didn't already know this, I got eyelash extensions a couple of months ago and was not a fan.  If you want to read my review, click HERE. Anyways, after getting them off I felt my lashes were way thinner than before and also I didn't have as much.  I used drug store mascaras before, which were the L'Oreal voluminous mascara and primer-- and I still highly recommend both of those.  But I was in the mood to try high end mascara and primer, so I went with THIS primer and THIS mascara.  Both had such good reviews and I'm in love! I feel that the primer is way less thick than the drug store, which makes my mascara go on smoother.  Depending on how you like your mascara to look, I think it is very thick. But for me- its perfect.  I like mine long and as thick as possible, so for me its a match made in heaven.  If you don't like yours like that, don't worry! This could still be your fave! I use one coat when I'm doing a more lighter make-up look and when I'm doing a full face I do multiple coats. That right there is a huge plus for me, basically being able to dress it up and down! 


So, I'm not a huge eye shadow person overall- but I'm trying to get more into it.  I've been putting THIS eyeshadow in the shade "Camel" in my crease and it's been working for me! Keep in mind that I have an olive skin tone. A tip that I heard through one of my favorite bloggers, Courtney Shields, is that if you're on a budget and don't want to buy a shadow, use your bronzer.  You see, this eyeshadow, takes some effort to blend in my opinion. So on days when I'm more lazy, but I still want some color on my lid, I just use my bronzer which is super easy to blend.  To shop my bronzer, click HERE. Under $6. 

This exact eye look is what I've been wearing lately and I've been getting a couple questions so I wanted to share with you all! If you have any questions at all, let me know and I'll be more than happy to answer.  Stay tuned for my Instagram Stories and I'll be doing a tiny tutorial.  


Danielle Alana

Young Living Essential Oils


Woo! The post I’ve been wanting to write forever now. If you saw my stories over the weekend, you know I ran into some technical difficulties (the worst!) with my phone. This post was supposed to go up last week, but better late than never right? A couple disclaimers before we start... I’m not 100% educated on ANY of this. I still have so much to learn and I’m learning everyday. Hence once you start reading, you’ll see I don’t share too many of my favorite roller blends, which are applied directly to your skin. Why? Because I don’t want to falsely educate you until I’m positive that I know what I’m talking about. I’ve LOVED using oils so far, and I feel they have made a difference to me. Oils are not for everyone. Some people think they are a waste of money and think they don’t work, others swear by them. To each their own! But for the purpose of my blog and sharing my lifestyle, I decided to share this with you and my journey to living a more healthy lifestyle.  

Why did you start using oils? How did you hear about them? 

I had a Saturday night free (rare) and my friend Lauren asked if I wanted to attend an essential oils party. I had nothing else better to do, so I said sure! I figured I would just spend it hanging out with her and learning a few new things, and that’s exactly what I did. Oh, and I also found a new passion/fell in love. You see, I was one of those people that thought oils were a trap or a scheme. But now with everything I’ve been through in life- you really don’t know anything until you try.  

Why did you decide on Young Living after doing your research? 

Easy. Because of there seed to seal promise. What does that mean, you ask? It’s Young Living’s promise to their customers.  100% all natural. Yes please! If you go to the grocery store and buy essential oils, you’ll notice they have expiration dates. But then they promote being natural... that’s not natural. Young Living? No expiration dates, and when you read the ingredients, it’s nothing but the pureness of the oil! So choosing Young Living was an easy choice for me. 

Ok! You convinced me. How do I start with oils? 

Fear not friends, I’m ready for you! You can start by signing up through this link here: Once you sign up, PLEASE let me know. I will be your buddy along the way (yay! More friends!) and help you get started, here to answer your questions, and if you are in the area- here to attend oil parties with you ;) Comment below, comment on my Instagram post, DM me, whatever you prefer- let me know and I’ll help. 

Wait, I heard about this thing called ER. Essential Rewards? Can you explain that a little? 

Yes! Don’t worry, this scared me at first too. I was literally like, “Nevermind, don’t take my money!” Lol! But it’s actually so worth it. I signed up and so far don’t regret it! What made it make sense to me was comparing it to Target- of course, ha! With this rewards program, you place a monthly order of oils or rollers you want- or other things! Young Living has cleaning products, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, tooth paste, the list goes on. Once you decide on your monthly order, it’s good to go. You can go back in on your account and edit it whenever you want- every month if you’d like! Here’s the thing, it has to be worth 50 PV, which is $50. I know what you’re thinking, ugh! $50 a month?! Nope! BUT, like I said, you don’t have to spend it on oils. Stalk up on tooth paste, or your body wash! Think of it as spending it on Target, but it’s actually Young Living. And instead of getting only 5% back, you get up 10% back on your first monthly order. Then you get up to 25% back. With signing up for ER, you can get up to 25% back in free oils and other things, and if you don’t want to spend $50 that month, no problem. You can hold it off ;) No charge. Isn’t that amazing?!  


So, all in all, the rewards back is what got me. I’ve only done one monthly order and I have 15 points already, and I’m deciding to save it. And then when I choose, I can cash it in and get free whatever I want. I think that’s the best deal! And no, you don’t have to sign up for ER- But if you don’t, you’ll be buying oils full price every time. No thanks!


Ok, now to the fun stuff! These are the blends that I have been diffusing in my room with my starter kit! Here’s my favorite: 

Wake-Up Blend— 10 drops lemon, 10 drops citrus fresh, 5 drop stress away and 5 drops peace & calming.  

Sleepy Time Blend— 10 drops Lavendar, 5 drops thieves and 5 drops frankincense.  

My sleepy time blend ALWAYS consists of Lavendar, no matter what. The best part is I can really add whatever I feel like. I just do some research and blend away! I’m more lax with this, especially since none of it is technically going directly on my skin. It’s just in the air and  I feel comfortable breathing any of it in, its just a matter of what I need that particular night. 



Danielle Alana 



Happy Mother's Day | 2018


Happy Mother's Day! To every soon to be mama, new mom, empty nester mom, and every mom in between, this day is to celebrate YOU. Over the years of being on social media, I've noticed people either tweet or make statuses about how mom's should be loved, celebrated and cherished everyday and not just on mother's day. I don't disagree with this, I 100% agree. But isn't so fun that Mom's-one of the most important groups of people in the world (in my opinion) get a whole day just to celebrate the fact that they are a mother. What does that mean? They have either birthed or taken in a tiny human- to raise, love and navigate through life.  They are what makes the world go round. So yes, heres to celebrating mom's everyday of the year, and also EXTRA on their very special Mother's Day.

Every Mother's Day is always special, but this year is extra special! My mom and I were able to partner with Mantra Band, the bracelets that are personalized or pre-made just for your taste! Also, another jewelry brand I love is Gorjana. I was invited to their Laguna Beach location to celebrate the launch of their new line Be Spoke. They now do custom engravings and I chose to get a rose gold necklace to match my other Gorjana necklace! I engraved with my name and blog name, Danielle Alana, to remind me how lucky I am to have this personal space where I can share things that I love. Both of these brands are sold at Nordstrom and get an A+ from me! 


Now, a letter to my Mama. 

Mom, I'm not sure how you do it all. But what I do know is, is that God gifted you with an unlimited amount of strength.  They say God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers, and if that is the case then you are General.  Sergeant, Major, Captain, Leader of it all.  You embrace every hardship with a strong mindset and one that never, EVER gives up.  A mindset that  takes nothing less than perfection.  When I think of you, Mom, these are the words that come to my mind.  Loving, hard working, kind, approachable, determined, gentle, easy-going, nurturing, supportive, patient, giving, understanding...but most of all, selfless. Thank you for giving me the best example of what a mother is and should be. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to live up to your standards when my time comes.  But I hope, and know, that when times get tough for me during motherhood, that I'll ask myself- "How did she do this?" But these standards, of the bar being so high and you being so selfless, I believe is how it was meant to be.  Nobody can reach those, and you've been told so.  You are far more precious than rubies, and any treasure on this planet.  You are one of God's most treasured, valuable pieces.  And I know so, because... When you thought I wasn't looking I saw you make a meal and take it to a friend in need, and I learned what sisterly love was. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw how you handled responsiblities even when you didn't feel good, and I learned what it meant to be fierce. When you thought I wasn't listening, I heard you pray over me and kiss me goodnight, and I felt loved and safe. I've observed you, watched you, spied on you, and admired you for 20 years now.  

Thank you for all the things I saw, when you thought I wasn't looking.  I love you so much.



Danielle Alana


Podcasts, My New Obsession & What I'm Loving

So, based off the title, I'm officially old.  I always heard of older people listening to these and thought, "who could want to listen to anything else besides music?" Until not so long ago it had been about a week of me driving in the car listening to no music because I was so annoyed (and still kind of am) with every song that was on the radio or even on my phone.  I remember hearing about podcasts from somebody, decided to download the app, and well by the end of the day I had listened to about 3 hours of couples therapy sessions...which if you're wondering what that has to do with, keep on reading :)

Podcast #1: Where Do We Begin with Esther Perel

 via Google

via Google

After doing some research, I ended up stumbling upon this podcast.  To make each one of these run downs simple and not so long, Esther is a marriage and family therapist and during these podcasts you get to listen to anonymous couples therapy sessions.  They have given permission for themselves to be recorded and published (obviously) and each new episode is a different couple.  If you're nosy like me, this one is for you. It is SO oddly interesting for me to hear these details about peoples personal love lives and even more interesting by keeping them anonymous.  Keep in mind, these episodes talk about serious subjects in relationships and life and can get rated R sometimes! Nothing awful though.

Podcast #2: FOHR Casts

 via Google

via Google

This one is for my blogger girlfriends! Or if you are thinking about blogging, or want to know more about the industry.  James is the owner of FOHR and answers questions that everyone is dying to know in the blogging community.  He talks about relationships with brands, how to set up emails, and informs you of mistakes bloggers make so you can hear about it before you do the mistake yourself.  SO helpful and also has a lot of great tips!

Podcast #3: Babes & Babies

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 9.57.12 AM.png

Where my baby lovers at?! And my Bachelor/Bachelorette lovers?! This combines girl talk of pregnancy, birth, the after math, relationships--the good, the bad and the ugly.  It is with two of my favorite girls (Carly and Jade) and its the ultimate girl talk.  Not to mention they host the podcast with a doula named Elizabeth who gets a thumbs up from me as well. If you've ever had questions about birth, or if you're going to be a new mama, or are interested in the topic like I am, I highly recommend! Girl talk is my favorite and this lets out all the details with no hiding anything.  So real and raw, and did I say amazing?

Podcast #4: Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson



I have a lot hate relationship with this one, and I debated on recommending it.  I decided to throw it in because it is a good listen, but it is really long.  The first podcast I recommended, it's the same length (an hour) but something is going on the whole time.  This podcast takes awhile to actually get into the topic and I feel like there a lot of side conversations.  I consider this one my relaxed podcast where I'm half listening half not.  It's either background noise and then when they finally get to the topic I'll start paying attention.  So I do enjoy it, but I'm definitely not intrigued the entire time, FYI.

Podcast #5: Cold Case Files

 via Google

via Google

Fun fact! 48 Hours, Snapped, and anything based off murder cases I absolutely love.  The creepy side of me ;) So some may not like this, but they're 30 minutes of cold case murders and being solved. This to me is fun, but I know its not everyones cup of tea. I also love that they're only 30 minutes and it immediately gets to the point- so it feels like I'm watching anyone of my other shows that I love.

That's it for now! I plan on digging deeper into podcasts and listening to way more of a variety, but I know some of you were really eager to get into them! So these 5 are the ones that I'm trading off listening to.  To listen to podcasts, if you have an Apple phone, download the podcast app in the App Store (free), and you can listen to any that you want--also free.  I'm pretty sure no one knows about this because everyone deletes it when they first get their phone, even me! Yay for free stuff, am I right?!


Danielle Alana