Two year blogiversary

Happy (late) Birthday, Danielle Alana! Wow. Two years old! Time seriously does fly when you are having fun. I started this blog not really knowing what would come of it, or how long I would do it for. Fast forward to now and it is definitely more than I could have ever imagined, and I mean EVER imagined. You see, I found out about bloggers through Pinterest. If you don’t already follow me on there, click HERE to follow. I always searched for outfit inspiration (and still do) to help pull together my outfits. I would either do general searches like “Spring outfits” or “fall looks”, or I would look more specifically. “Black boots outfit”, “white top look”, you get the point. But almost every time I looked regardless of what I typed in, I kept seeing the same faces popping up. At first I didn’t think anything of it but after a couple months of it I finally got curious. Are these just store models? Who are these girls? I either want to shop at the store or I want to shop these ladies closets! I always pinned the stuff I was looking up, but I never clicked on the links. Until one day…I did. And it didn’t take me to a weird site. It took me to a blog. A fashion blog, to be more exact. Who knows what I was doing that day, but after I realized I wanted to look around more I just went on my laptop and searched this site. I was on this blog for HOURS you guys. Hours. And the blog was The Sweetest Thing by Emily Gemma. I read everything, I shopped, I watched every video she has, and then I went over to Instagram. After that it was a game over. By the end of the week I was following her and at least 100 other people. FINALLY- the faces I had been seeing all over Pinterest, I was finally able to put names to them. I still remember this experience very vividly, because never in my entire life had I felt so inspired and so interested in something. After spending who knows how much time (probably an unhealthy amount), I asked myself this question. “I’m so in love with this blogging thing. I’m a girly girl— I love clothes, makeup, talking about hair and chatting lifestyle. What is stopping me from starting one of my own?…Nothing.” The next day I hired a web designer, and my blog Danielle Alana was born. The domain was bought and after 5 months of hard work, decision making, and creating my blog went LIVE, on March 7th, 2017.

It still makes my heart happy to share this story, even though blogging is absolutely NOTHING what I thought it would be. I started because I simply wanted to. Once I realized there was literally nothing in the way, there was then nothing to stop me. I will admit though— I was naive in the beginning. All I thought it entailed was taking photos in clothes, posing and writing. Ha! Here we are two years later and I can tell you its nothing close to that, and I’ve thought about quitting more than once. If you read my blog post yesterday, about what I’ve learned from blogging, you know what I’m talking about. But during the last couple of months I’ve had the biggest realization. Since this “ah ha!” moment, things have only gotten better. So let me tell you about it…

Starting last Fall, I began to feel so much pressure when it came to my Instagram and Danielle Alana. I’ve always been hard on myself, but I started getting even MORE hard and a little harsh. So much that I was kind of losing interest. One thing after another, things started to go down hill. I dreaded going to take pictures. I then hated every picture Tim took of me. None of blog posts or Instagram posts were good enough. In order to keep an engaged audience, I needed to be posting every single day, maybe even twice a day. I wasn’t even close to anywhere near that. My clothes all of a sudden were ugly and hideous. I started telling Tim that this wasn’t worth it anymore and that I hated doing this. It just wasn’t making me happy anymore. Come Christmas time, I pretty much took a two week hiatus from Instagram. I stopped it all— the photo taking, writing blog posts, even responding to emails. I took a step back and really reflected on what I was doing. Then it hit me… I had fallen into the comparison trap. Not just a “I need a pep talk” comparison. I was DEEP in it and it was going to take awhile for me to come out. After realizing what had happened to me, I asked myself three major questions. 1. What is the goal of my blog? What is the goal of Danielle Alana? 2. Why do I blog? What about this makes me happy? 3. Am I ok with being “different”?

Before I give you the answers to these questions, I want to say this. I started this blog at the age of 19 and I had no idea what I was doing. I just wanted to start a blog because I liked all things girly— clothes, makeup, hair stuff, lifestyle, like I said before. It was so me! All of the girls I followed did it, so why couldn’t I? I had no goal for this though. I was just going to try it out and see what happened. What I looked up to in the beginning of bloggers though was wrong reasoning. I saw the money and the lifestyles and just knew I wanted that. Again, read what I’ve learned from blogging to see my thoughts on that. After taking a step back from everything, these are the answers to my major questions that have now put everything into perspective.

1. What is the goal of my blog? What is the goal of Danielle Alana?

The goal of Danielle Alana is for woman EVERYWHERE to feel welcome, have a community, and feel inspired. I want Danielle Alana to be a space on social media and here where ladies can go for whatever they need. Recommendations on makeup, help finding a cute pair of shoes, learning about healthy living—anything from fashion, beauty or lifestyle. After a long day of work, I want ladies to feel they have a space to be inspired and have fun. Key word: have fun. At the end of the day, checking out my profile on Instagram and watching my stories is just fun, isn’t it? After we all go through the day to day things like work, errand running, chores, etc., it’s nice to unwind and relax. Most importantly though, I want everyone who follows along to remember I am a real human being just like them, and that Instagram is a total highlight reel. So at the end of the day, my goal for my blog and Danielle Alana is to inspire women and create community among all who love fashion, beauty, and lifestyle while interacting with one another, gaining ideas and also enjoying themselves!

2. Why do I blog? What about this makes me happy?

This question was the one that was making me struggle late last year. Because like I said earlier, I wanted to quit and I wasn’t happy. It was after asking myself this question that I realized what made me happy, and also what was making me unhappy. I was on a down hill spiral because I started playing the COMPARISON GAME. I can’t believe I just typed those words out. It took me forever to come to terms with it because I didn’t want to believe it, mostly because I was embarrassed since I had fallen into this terrible trap, and also because I told myself I never would… but it was too late. I was in the thickness of it. I’m pretty straight forward for the most part, so once I accepted it, I talked myself through it and was over within a day I feel like. Which leads me to my next question…

3. Am I ok with being “different”?

Pretty much every article I read, or podcast I listen to about blogging I feel has the same exact advice. “Make sure you're posting twice a day!”, “Just be yourself!”, “You need to be on all the time”, seriously over and over and OVER again. I have a problem with this advice though. You know why? Because some of it isn’t realistic. Posting twice a day? Hell, I’m lucky if I can get one post up a day. Why, you ask? Because I have a full-time job and blogging isn’t my full-time job. I wipe butts for a living and I go to work in athleisure wear with no makeup. The weekends are really my only time to snap a photo- and sometimes my weekends I just want to take to myself and relax! Or, normally, they’re just super fricken busy. Being on all the time— definitely not me. I’m a total introvert and if I’m not in the mood to chat or be on I just flat out won’t be. While I’m not on stories, I’m mostly just curled up in a ball being quiet! Being yourself, can also be difficult sometimes. Especially as a blogger. I have REALLY gotten a lot better at this and learned a “dgaf” attitude over the past couple of months, but social media is social media. Regardless of what tips and tricks you have, everyone at one point or another is going to feel social pressure to either try something new or act on something that isn’t like them. And in my opinion… that is just life. So am I ok with being “different”? By now you know when I say “different” I am talking about not following these blogging standards that people made up. Posting every single day, always following these strict guidelines that are the key to success, etc.. Yes, I am 100% ok with it. One question I can continue to ask my followers over and over again is “Do you like to see real life on here or pretty pictures and saturated things?”, and not once has the vote seeing pretty pictures and not real life won. I mean never. My polls are usually 2 votes for that, and a crazy ridiculous amount for real life. So every time I am proven by my followers, by you guys, that real life wins—always. I value what my followers have to say and I know that me and my tribe prefer realness over any other blogging “rules”. So this could mean for me, that it takes me way longer to go full-time with this. And money from my blog may not be flowing in as fast as I’d like it too. But I am OK with that. Because when it comes to my goal for blogging, it is to serve other women and to create community, not to be money hungry and serve myself.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to type all of this out in a blog post. I’ve been holding this bottled up for a few months now, and I’ve almost felt like I’ve given birth to a new me. I have a whole new perspective on blogging, what my goal is, and what brings me so much happiness through all of this. After losing my dad in February, I felt it even more then ever that life is just too short. You need to do what makes you happy, and you need to find purpose in your doing and give it all you got. To my lovely followers- thank you for accepting me for who I am and choosing to stick around. Here’s to always keeping it real and having fun!


Danielle Alana

What to wear to your bridal shower

Today is my bridal shower which means… the wedding is right around the corner! As of today we are a little less than 3 months away from the big day and we are SO ready. Even though our engagement is only 9 months, I am definitely getting so nervously excited to marry my best friend! With today being my shower I thought I would write a blog post sharing some of my bridal shower dress ideas. A lot of you ladies are also engaged so you probably have a ton of festivities coming up, whether it be your shower or a bachelorette party. And if you aren’t engaged— rest assure I linked some dresses for you guys to wear to your friend or family members shower.

To shop any of the dresses just click on the image and scroll through to see all of them. Happy shopping and happy Sunday friends! To see all the bridal shower details and the fun— head on over to my Instagram to watch stories.

Bride-to-Be Ideas

Bridal Shower Guest Ideas

I can’t link to Lulus for you guys, but that is also a GREAT option for dresses for bride-to-be or guest!


Danielle Alana

Our Wedding Registry | Part 1

OUR WEDDING REGISTRY! I am so excited for today’s blog post mostly because YOU are all so excited about it! A few weeks ago on stories I asked if you guys would be interested in two part blog post on our wedding registry. The first part would be sharing with you all the details! Where we registered, why we picked the stores we did, and every single thing we asked for PLUS things that are on our wish list that you can’t register for. Part two will be in the future (say around 3 months from the wedding, that’s the plan!) and I will be sharing everything we got from our registry, what we didn’t get from our registry, and then some pointers! I think (haha) we will use everything we registered for, but say we got something that we haven’t even touched, I’ll let you know in that blog post. But here we go, part one!



Crate & Barrel and Target

I’m so happy with our registry so far! Registering at both of these places was so easy and such a breeze. We wasted no time on setting ours up, literally no time. We got engaged Saturday, September 1st and went to do our registry the next day on the 2nd. Ha! We didn’t add everything that day, but we added a majority of stuff. I highly recommend going in person at least once with your honey and getting the handheld devices to add stuff! I thought I was clueless on what to add, but once you walk around you definitely see what you need and don’t need. I’ve never moved out and have nothing, and Tim’s stuff is either used or really old, so we needed pretty much EVERYTHING.


I’ll answer the easier one first, which is Target. I mean do I need to explain? I’m obsessed with Target and have walked up and down the home and appliances aisles for years and just dreamed about the day where I could get certain things for my house. A vacuum, coffee maker, cute blankets, you name it and I was pretty much excited about it. I’d say the majority of our registry as you will see from Target is home stuff. I only did a few kitchen things from there, like an instant pot and our coffee maker because Target had the brands I wanted. Everything else is lifestyle and home needs. As for our second registry, Crate & Barrel, I was open to other places. I actually really wanted to register at Williams Sonoma because of how fancy and pretty there stuff is! But when we walked in, I was immediately turned off by the service we got and realized they didn’t have what we needed. I’ve only ever browsed until I went to seriously register, and then just noticed I didn’t like anything and wasn't familiar with it. Crate & Barrel was our second option, and when we walked in that store it was a whole different vibe! Amazing customer service, we got our device to start adding things to our registry, and everything popped out to us. Oh we need this, and that, I like that brand, etc. In Williams we were just confused!


Honeymoon Fund, New Home Fund & Misc.

We are doing our wedding website through The Knot, and they had the option to add multiple funds. We are incredibly lucky, so all we need to pay for is our food and activities on our honeymoon. So we’ll take all the help we can get on that! Another option was a New Home Fund. Tim and I are hoping to buy next Spring, so any little bit helps in this area too. Some other things that are on our wish list (I call it that since we aren’t registered for them) are these things:

Amazon Prime Subscription

Hulu Account

Food Service (ie. Hello Fresh, Blue Apron)


Tools for Him (tool kit)

Yard Tools (lawn mower, rake, etc.)

We actually have Netflix already, but those are ideas! These are useful gifts from people since they can sign up, put it under our names, and pay for it for a year (like Hulu) or 6 months (like the food services). I had a couple wedding guests ask me if I had things on my wish list that I couldn’t register for and I thought these were great ideas! We also aren’t registered for tools and such since Tim has them! Let me know if you have any others in the comments below.


Without further ado, here it is!


Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 9.58.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 10.01.40 PM.png


Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 2.26.29 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 2.27.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 2.29.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 2.32.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 2.33.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 2.33.59 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 2.34.13 PM.png

When we first did our registry Tim thought I was adding way too much. If you or your future spouse is the same way, here is my take on it. This is a once in a lifetime thing! You will never have a wedding registry again. Of course people can buy random gifts, but when will it be appropriate to ask someone to buy you all your pots and pans? Your blender? Or your knife set? Never really. This is an exciting time— you’re getting married! So take advantage and get everything you need. After weddings for some comes babies, and then it isn’t about you anymore. So have fun and get what you need! And don’t fret about the stuff that you don't use for awhile, because at least you have it for the future right?

A lot of you engaged ladies wanted to see this blog post, so I hope this helps! Like I said in the beginning of the post, I will be doing a follow up Our Registry blog post around September sharing with you the after math. Gifts we didn’t get, if we had to buy anything on our own, what we love, what we wish we did differently maybe—everything & anything. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to comment or DM, I’m always here for ya!


Danielle Alana

Spring Finds | 2019

This blog post was all written out- it had every detail. I was supposed to be sharing my Valentine’s Day outfit guide with you guys right before the holiday. Other plans happened and my sweet daddy passed away. I do know one thing though…my dad loved my blog and shared it with every person he knew. If he was here he’d be asking to look at it and he would want me to keep going and doing what I love. So even though Valentine’s Day has already passed, I thought I would still share some cute finds that I’ve looked at over the past few weeks! Linked below are some of the cutest tops for Spring, some sweaters if you are still in cold weather, and a select pair of shoes. They are either on sale or at a really good price! You can click on any image below and it’ll take you to the item. Happy Shopping ladies!





Danielle Alana

January Instagram Round-Up | 2019

And just like that, the first month of the year is over. To me this month felt super busy but went by pretty slow, just like last year. Speaking of last year— I attempted to start Instagram round-ups on the blog and just couldn’t do it. I wanted to start out strong but with everything happening with my dad at the time, round ups didn’t happen so I’m giving it another go this year! The point of round-ups is so you guys have a place to go month to month and you can find EVERYTHING that I posted about linked. I go over all my blog posts, my outfits, and anything else talked about. So without further ado, here’s a roundup for January!


Dress (similar) | Book


Sweater | Joggers

Now for February… my favorite month of the year!


Danielle Alana