About Danielle

Where do you live/where are you from?

I am from Orange County, California, and I am located in Orange.  I have been here my entire life- I have never moved! The OC is definitely my little bubble and I love it here.  


What is your education plan?

Currently, I only have my high school diploma.  I am enrolled in a local community college and have been since the semester after I graduated high school.  I will be graduating with two Associates of Arts Degrees.  One in Arts, Humanities, and Communication and the other in Social and Behavioral Sciences.  

In the future, I plan on becoming a postpartum doula, a newborn specialist, a night nurse, and a lactation consultant.  I love babies and am excited to further my education and start my career in Summer 2018!


What do you do for work?

I'm a nanny!  Monday through Friday I work a set 32 hours a week, and then most of the time I am working weekends so on average I work about 40 hours a week while going to school full time, and running this blog.


Why did you use your name for your blog and not something else?

So, this whole blog thing isn’t my first rodeo.  I have started multiple on word press until I finally decided I wanted to get really serious about it- and by serious, I mean hire a web designer and a photographer for my blog post pictures.  I am kind of a picky person, and so with putting all of this money into it, I wanted to choose something that I know I wouldn’t get sick of.  So, I just stayed simple and went with my name.


Who was your web designer and who takes pictures for your blog?

Web Design: Kiki & Co. Creative@dear_kcs    |    Photographer: Sydney Wallace / sydneywallace4@gmail.com