Workouts and Donuts

Happy Friday!  Today I decided to write about everything I do to stay fit!…well, try to anyways.  I wish I could sit here and write about how I don’t eat fast food, how I have a super strict diet, and how I can work out on my own and run three miles everyday, but that is just not the truth.  I eat Chick-Fil-A at least once a week, have Krispy Kreme donuts at least once a month, I eat whenever I feel like and eat pretty much whatever I want, and I can’t work out to save my life.  Also, I can barely even run if my life depended on it.  Ok, maybe if my life depended on it I could… 😉

First things first- I don’t NEVER exercise.  The way I get my exercise and activity in is because of my job.  I am constantly running around chasing little ones and lifting them up and down.  I saw a cup the other day that said “I don’t work out, I chase toddlers.” #truth. Anyways, if I ever have time to workout, my go to is hopping on the treadmill and doing a little something.  Depending on how motivated I am, I either just go on a long walk while watching my favorite reality TV show, or I jog with up beat music from my Spotify.


As for food, eat that last donut!  Eat the garlic knot that is so warm and gooey you can hardly resist it!  I have tried multiple times to start a strict diet and I never ever EVER follow through with it.  Every Monday I tell myself I am going to start eating healthy, and then I go out to lunch with a girlfriend and there I am scarfing down two slices of the most greasy pizza you have ever seen.  I’ve learned on this little journey of trying to maintain healthy living, that I always choose what makes me happy: the yummy, unhealthy food.  My diet is what I like to call “The Nanny Diet”.  I am always on the go and I rarely have time to whip something super healthy up, so either fast food or crap food it is.  For some people, they eat so healthy that when they eat fast food or something that has a lot of fat, they get really sick.  I am the total opposite however…I have a salad and my body is like, “Umm what is this?!”  I have been really working on changing my diet to at least decent, and running to places like Trader Joe’s and slowly transitioning to healthy snacks and then hopefully I will get used to it.  Once I eat healthy (for the most part) I will start doing some posts about my favorite snacks. 


Don’t get me wrong- I’m not saying you should never exercise, become a couch potato, and eat a dozen donuts everyday.  I am just saying from my side of things, that not having a strict workout routine, and eating like crap most of the times, it is 100% OK.  Go on a hike with a girlfriend one weekend, or hop on the treadmill while you’re watching your favorite TV show.  These expectations from society and social media, that living these insanely healthy lifestyles are realistic, are really not.  I am just like you!  I take MAYBE a half hour out of my week to do something, if I’m lucky.  And you know what?  That is completely fine by me 🙂 .  We all live different lives and have different amounts of free time on our hands, but regardless, if you’re walking, talking, and happy, let it be!  For me in particular, I do eat very poorly, but since I am so active with my job it balances it out.  I have always been a petite, tiny, thin boned girl because of my genes.  Because of this, I am very lucky that I haven’t had to do much to keep my figure, but I recognize that this is not the case for everyone.

HUGE props to people who DO live these crazy healthy lifestyles and are happy and loving it.  I am in no way shaming you, because boy do I wish I could do what you do!

Like I said at the beginning, I originally planned this to be a post about all the good amounts of food I eat and how much I work out, but that is just not the life I live at the moment (or ever have before really), so I decided to keep it realistic so those who are in the same boat as me know they are not alone! What do you do to try and stay healthy?  Let me know in the comments below!


Danielle Alana

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