Travel Guide: Yachats, Oregon

Happy Hump Day!  I decided to add a “travel guide” edition to my blog since I will be doing a lot of trips this summer to different places!  This one is obviously for where I have been the past couple days: Oregon.  We are located in a really small town three hours out from Portland, so the chances of any of you making your way up here are slim to none, but if any of you find yourself in a particular circumstance where you are, you know where to find a travel guide! 😉

Our first stop was Portland Airport, and we spent very little time here since we had a long drive ahead of us.  However, if you stay in Portland or are in the area for awhile, I recommend heading over to VooDoo Donuts!  It is an aesthetically pleasing location with the most delicious donuts that come in the most adorable pink boxes!  Since you already know I’m a donutaholic, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you 😉 I don’t know the exact name of the donut, but I always get the one with chocolate, oreos, and peanut butters…it speaks to me spiritually.

Food in Yachats

Luna Sea Fish HouseWhen I first heard of this restaurant, I was uninterested because I never eat fish and I don’t like it at all.  However, I do LOVE a good bowl of Clam Chowder…and this place has the best I have ever had in my LIFE!  I order the slumgullion that comes with garlic bread and it is heaven on earth.  I have had many bowls of clam chowder in my life, and none have come to top this place!  Other than clam chowder, they have plenty of options like fish tacos, every type of fish and chips you can think of, salad, clams, and even burgers.  The seafood is caught locally right off the coast by the owner of the restaurant, and it is friendliest hole in the wall food place you will ever go to!

Yachats Brewing + Farming Store: We came down to this place for lunch and they have a wide variety of salads, beer of course, and a variety of meat entrees.  I am not of age to drink and nor do I care for alcohol, but based off of the people I went with they had plenty of options of beers and also many flavors!  I ordered off the kid’s menu since I wasn’t a fan of any of the main entrees (I’m a picky eater) and I got a hot dog and I stole a couple bites of my sister’s mac n’ cheese which was delicious.  I recommend this place specifically because of its mac n’ cheese, and also for it’s wide variety of beer selections!

Ona Restaurant: This restaurant is definitely the most fancy in this town.  It had a wide selection of sea food and pasta which neither I am really a fan of, so again, I ordered clam chowder, fries, and bread.  I love carbs if you couldn’t already tell.  Other than the food, the atmosphere of the restaurant is the most fancy out of all the places.  I recommend this place!

Adobe Restaurant: This place holds special memories for my family and I, since this is where my now brother-in-law proposed to my sister.  This is how we ended up here a whole bunch in the first place!  Besides the special memories this place holds, they have an excellent food selection along with a great view, since this place is located along the water as well.  


White Wolf Sanctuary: Going to this place was a once in a lifetime experience.  I got to pet white wolves, and get wolf kisses!  I really just can’t put the whole thing into words.  To describe my experience would just be to hard (and way too long) other than the basics! We were given the history of them, how they are taken care of, what life at the sanctuary is like, and also, the history of where the wolves came from.  

Spa:  When I have been to the spa here, I have only gone to the jacuzzi.  All the other services they have here you have to pay for like facials and massages, but the jacuzzi did it for me!  It has a gorgeous view of the ocean and they are at the perfect temperature.  They also have clothes that they sell as well (pretty cute!) along with bathing suits.


To see my full review on our hotel and where we stayed, click here.

As you can see, the list of activities is pretty short…actually, really short.  Yachats is not a place to go if you are looking for something to do every hour.  This is the place to go to escape everyday life and routine, and sit back and relax.  If I were to come back again, I would spend my time going back to the restaurants (of course), saying hi to the wolves again, getting more services at the spa, and honestly just hang around my room.  Probably go on a few more hikes, walk around town a little more, and of course watch a couple movies!  Oregon definitely has a relaxed atmosphere due to the weather, and the kind of people that are here.  It was nice to escape the hustle and bustle of Orange County for a few days, but I am SO excited to get home and go back to routine.  Thanks for reading! 


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