The Saguaro Palm Springs Review


Let me start out by saying that this hotel is every blogger’s dream. Different colors everywhere, cute hotel decor, a pool with lounge chairs that are Instagram ready, and beach cruisers that you can rent.  I want to go back already!  

I was really impressed with how easy the check-in and check-out process was with the hotel.  Check-in probably took about 10 minutes, and all I had to do was give them my info, get room keys, and give my card for the deposit just in case anything was messy or broken in the end.  For checkout, all I had to was fill out a slip of paper with my name, room number, and email.  Easy peasy!  

The staff at the hotel we didn’t interact with that much, but when I did they were very helpful.  We asked for extra towels, and got them right away.  When we had our emergency at the pool, they were even more helpful.  To read about that, click here.  We weren’t surrounded by staff, but it was easy to find them if we needed them.

Our room was great besides the smell of it.  We got a pool view suite with two queen beds and it was the perfect size for all 6 of us!  It came with a little refrigerator and also an office, which was nice because we had more space for all of us to get ready at.  The room decor was adorable, if only they had better lighting! 😉 Besides the hotel decor being adorable, the bathroom was surprisingly clean.  I didn’t expect it to be dirty, but I didn’t expect it to be as nice as it was.  Usually for hotel bathrooms with me I feel like water pressure is always terrible and that there isn’t enough storage.  If I was staying longer at this hotel, I would say there wasn’t enough bathroom storage, but for the weekend it totally worked.  

The pool was stunning, but of course really small.  This isn’t a huge hotel in the first place, so there is only one pool.  Like I said before, this hotel is really trendy and has gotten really popular.  So by the time we got to the pool at 12, it was jam packed and the pool was packed as well.  There was multiple bachelorette parties, birthday groups, and other events.   I know this because on snapchat I saw multiple filters and it looked like people got up early to decorate chairs and their pool spots.  I definitely shared a couple birthdays at this party!  I think my favorite part about the pool was that we had a DJ.  It definitely set a mood for the day and it was like one big giant party!  The only thing different I would do is maybe get to Palm Springs way earlier and also get to the pool as early as possible.  


Overall, I would totally come back to this hotel again.  I loved the look of it of course, and I loved the vibe the hotel gave off overall.  Also the room was in great shape, and that is the most important part!  To make reservations at the Saguaro Palm Springs, click here.


Danielle Alana

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