August Book Review


So for my birthday back in July, Tim got me a Amazon Fire 7″ Tablet (thanks babe!) and I have all of a sudden started loving reading again.  I think my kindle has something to do with it because I would always buy a book and maybe touch it once!  I bought 2 books just to get started when I first got it and I finished the first one in 2 hours and the second one in about a week.  Since I made it through them so quick and love this new device that I got, I made it a goal for myself to read 2 books a month…which means book review posts once a month!  I have a lot of nights of work that the kids I’m watching go to bed early and then I sometimes have 3-4 hours to myself…sometimes even 5!  And I usually spend it on my phone, so I figured this would be a better use for my time then Instagram stalking and binge watching Netflix lol!  

The first I book I read was The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary Chapman.  You guys… this was the book that I finished in 2 hours.  Ask Tim.  No joke I sat down and started reading and did not move until I was finished.  I don’t care what your relationship status is, but you NEED this book in your life.  It really is life changing.  I had heard about this book from a few people and actually saw it in a couple people’s houses (ha) so I decided to see what it was about.  It carries a ton of helpful information for the future or now if you are in a relationship, and you also get an insight to what your love language is.  It really did open my eyes to how people receive love and want to feel loved– everyone is different!  100% recommend without a doubt.

The second book I read was Little Girl Gone by Gerry Schmitt.  This is the best thriller that I have read in awhile.  It originally caught my eye when Tim and I were at Barnes and Noble looking for a book for him and I was browsing through books while he was in the restroom.  I made a list on my phone of books that interested me, you know, just in case I ever got into reading again (this was before my tablet).  I was intrigued because the summary of the book mentioned a babysitter, kidnapping, and a brutal assault. Since I’m sort of a babysitter, I wanted to read this!  This book was way longer then the love languages one so it took me longer to read, but it was SO good.  It was definitely one of those books that keeps you on the edge of your seat and you can’t wait until you turn the page.  This was the first book in his series I believe (I think there is 3 total) and I bought the second one which I will have in the September review!  

Anyways, I am SO happy that I have gotten back into reading again because I feel like instead of wasting a lot of my time I can put it towards something valuable!  Not saying I won’t be wasting time on my phone ever though πŸ˜‰ Referring back to my statement earlier though on looking through books, it was actually that night that Tim and I were at Barnes and Noble that I told him, “I think if I had a Kindle I would really get into reading again!”  It wasn’t until after I got the present on my birthday that I found out he bought it while we were in the car lol.  Then when I asked him what he was doing, he said he was ordering the book he couldn’t find… smart man πŸ˜‰

I hope you love these book reviews as much as I do, because I feel like reading has totally fell off the face of the earth (for me at least) and I want to bring it back!  I can’t even ask for book recommendations because I always get a “I haven’t read in ages!” answer.  So, I’ll go out and explore books and recommend here what I’m reading/what is good.  Being a nerd is cool, right? πŸ™‚


Danielle Alana



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  1. 10.12.17
    Alexis Amato said:

    I love the 5 Languages of Love! Im gifts and affection ❀️

    • 10.12.17

      I thought gifts would be mine since I’m a HUGE shopper but then I read this and realized I’m the opposite! Thanks for commenting gf πŸ™‚

  2. 10.13.17
    Sandra said:

    I’m words of affirmation and quality time. But it’s helpful to speak and recognize the other love languages as well, so you can give and receive with others you care about who are different than you.