What To Wear To A Fall Wedding


I am ALWAYS struggling with what to wear to weddings, even if it tells you the dress code.  What if I’m under dressed?  Is this too casual?  Too fancy?  So I decided to do a blog post every season on what to wear to a wedding, + the season.  One of my good friends is getting married in November (AHHH) so for this blog post I actually am going to a wedding instead of just showing you what I would buy.  Where I got my dress and shoes from (Lulu’s) is not affiliated with LTKIt, so I linked the dress and my shoes below at the bottom of the post.  If you have no clue what I’m talking about, click here.


I never thought I would pick this color on my own, but I am so happy I did!  I really think this color is flattering on me and it gives me an excuse to wear black, because if you didn’t already know this I love black.  I paired this dress with an open toed black heel, and a leather jacket to add a little bit of edge.  I was so happy and confident in what I chose that I will definitely be re-wearing this outfit somewhere!  Thank God for events where we are allowed to dress up and be fancy, and thank you God for pairing Lauren and Neil together.  I actually get to attend a wedding in this dress (eek!) and I am so excited to see one of my favorite couples tie the knot.was SO much fun and watching two people who are so in love tie the knot really was beautiful.  Thinking about it makes me that much more excited for when my time comes!  

Like I promised, here are the links to my outfits…

Dress | Shoes | Leather Jacket


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