Saranghae Skin Care: Review + Thoughts

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HI babes!  Happy.  If you didn’t already know, I am apart of an amazing group called SoCal Blogger Babes.  I recently attended an event with my babes that was sponsored by Saranghae Skin Care, and I was able to receive basically their entire skin care line.  Thank you so much, Saranghae!  I actually was really excited to get my hands on their products, since recently I have been looking to get a new skin care routine that works for me.  Recently I have been using products from Target and just kind of going all over the place, but I think I may have found a winner…

The skin care routine is 5 steps, which holy cow you guys- I don’t think I’ve ever used more than 2 steps on my skin so this is a TOTAL game changer for me.  First is a Oil + Foam cleanser.  My jaw almost dropped when I pumped this onto my hand, because well, it looks like gold glitter! *insert heart eyes here*.  My skin has recently become more dry, so this wash has made my skin feel a little more dewy and also more bright.  It could just be me, but so far I am loving it!  

After I wash my face, I apply two pumps of their serum all over my face.  I start by gently dabbing and then I work it into my skin, just to get my top layer a little bit dewy after rinsing the wash off. After the serum, I apply the eye cream to my under eye are and then around my brow bone and work it in. 

Once I am done with those 3 steps, I apply the firm & lift regeneration cream.  This is my last step for my skin care routine unless I decide to do a mask, which I do once every 2-4 weeks.  Now, I didn’t just create this step-by-step process on my own.  Thanks to Saranghae’s website and tutorials, I followed their recommended routine and have stuck with it since the first time I have used it.  

Now that I have told you my routine, here is for the review.  On their website they say to give it at least 30 days to really give your opinion on the products, and I have only honestly used it for two weeks.  With comparing these products to other skin care ones, I am already happy with several things that I have noticed.  One, is that I haven’t broken out.  Most products it takes your skin awhile to get used to and my especially takes time.  My skin has adjusted since day one, and I haven’t noticed any breaking out or my skin being more dry, more oily, or anything of the matter.  The biggest difference I see is my skin becoming more moisturized and having a healthy glow.  Before using this, I noticed my skin getting dry and also my fine lines getting worse!  No one wants that.  Since I now have a everyday skin care routine and products that I am continuously using, I think my skin will only get healthier, and age less faster! 

Thank you guys for reading, and thank you to Saranghae for letting us SoCal Blogger Babes try your products!  We appreciate your generosity and love for us!


Danielle Alana


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