Holiday Gift Guide: For the Littles

In my personal opinion, shopping for the littles comes in second for hardest people to shop for for Christmas.  First place is guys, no doubt!  Since I’ve become a nanny, I feel like I’ve gotten a feel for what parents love getting their children for Christmas and what they need, versus things they despise and have enough of already.  Here are my picks:

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1) This is adorable!  I’ve noticed in my experience of being a nanny that little ones love packing stuff and pulling things out.  This would be perfect for the little boy in your life and starting to introduce sports!

2) I want this for myself, lol!  Same goes for this one, and it is totally geared towards girls.  She can feel special that she has a purse just like mommy does!  

3) Another thing that I think either boy or girl would love.  This is one of those gifts that comes as a set, so when there is more than one part to a toy and they get to do more things, they go crazy!

4) I just couldn’t help myself with this one.  A donut for the donut lover and a cup that looks just like Starbucks!  And a baby iPhone?  ADORABLE.

5)  This is the Amazon Fire for kids and I think this is great.  iPad’s are way to expensive, so this is a great alternative.  They can’t accidentally purchase things, and there are a lot of codes on there that are parent access only.  This is a great tool to first start to introduce little movies!

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