Upbra Collaboration



So, today's post is a little different than normal, but I am SO excited to share it with you guys.  I am collaborating with Upbra to share with you guys their bras, and what makes them different than other bras out there.  


Upbra has an interesting concept, that other bras I've worn don't have.  I received two bras the Stay-Up Strapless Upbra and The Upbra Perfect T-Shirt Bra.  The thing I like most about the strapless one is that I didn't have to pull it up ONCE while I was shooting in it.  If anyone has noticed, I hardly ever wear anything strapless because I don't have a bra that works well.  I'm constantly having to pull it up my bra and top when wearing outfits without straps, so I feel like I've given up all together.  Now that I Found Upbra (hallelujah) strapless tops, dresses, and everything else can start being added back to my wardrobe!  


As for the t-shirt bra, I'm constantly wearing workout clothes to work and I gave up on wearing regular bras all together.  The fit of my bra would always show through my clothes and I didn't like that, so I switched over to sports so it makes it look not as bad.  After I tried on the t-shirt bra, I noticed that it doesn't show the shape as much and also fits really nicely.  Now I can start to feel a little more comfortable and casual going to work in a fitted bra instead of sports clothes all the time.  That is what I call a win!  

Thanks to Upbra, my life has changed for the better!  I can now add more strapless clothing items to my closet without worrying about what bra I am going to wear, or what is going to stay up the whole night. I can also go to work, and out and about with out my bra sticking out through my shirt.  I can wear it under t-shirts and to my job (which requires a lot of support) and be comfortable.  IF you guys have any questions, please comment and know that I will get back to you!  

Thank you to Upbra for sponsoring this post.


Danielle Alana