Favorite Fall Boots + Booties

With Fall weather comes... Fall shoes!  For me that means booties + boots.  With all the tops that I've been sharing lately, I thought it would make sense to show off the shoes I've been wearing to complete my outfits.  Some of these are more recent buys, and some of these are older, but either way I am going to be sharing all of them plus the ones that I have my eyes on but have not bought yet.  


These shoes!  The perfect OTK boots.  Of course I wanted the Stuart Weitzman version, (don't we all) but these are the perfect dupes.  I don't even like calling them dupes because they don't feel like it.  They feel like the real thing!  I think they are worth the money because they stay up on your leg, and you don't have to constantly keep pulling them up.  Funny story with these shoes- I ordered the brown ones and right after I completed my order I realized I ordered them half a size too big.  I called Nordstrom Customer service literally 30 seconds after and she said, "Your order is already out for shipping, sorry."  WHAT?! Apparently at the time I made my order, they were rushing out packages because it was the end of the day.  Anyways, I have yet to order the brown pair.  *insert me crying here*


Sorry not sorry!  I've mentioned these at least 100 + times on my blog and Instagram, but I just can't help it.  Not only that, but I've also gotten great feedback from you guys saying that you love them.  That makes me so happy!  I think my favorite thing about this pair of heeled booties is that I will be able to still wear them in Spring and also Summer!  They will go great with OTS tops and light bright colors!  Which you know what that means... totally worth the price!


So these boots are from last season, but these are different from most of my others since they have a little somethin' going on on the side.  Down below on the shop my post, I tried to link some similar ones to these that I found.  And of course, I linked my favorites of other boots too!


So it doesn't rain much in Cali, but when it does I'll be ready.  I got a lot of hate for spending money on rain boots that were so pricey, but to me its worth it!  Even when it doesn't rain I'll be wearing these on cold days just because it is cute.  I linked below multiple other colors and also the matte version, since mine are glossy.  

Now for the fun part ;) Get to shopping, ladies!  I have linked all of my shoes above that are still available, and also my other favorites boots and booties for this season.  Christmas is getting close so start shopping!  Also, almost ALL OF THESE SHOES  ARE ON SALE. YUPP, YOU READ THAT RIGHT. ENJOY!



Danielle Alana