3 Pairs of Denim Shorts You Need

This blog post was a must for me because I don’t think I’m going shorts shopping ever again!…Ok, a little over exaggerated but really—these are all you need. The perfect short shorts, high wasted, and a good old pair of shorts. During Spring and Summer these are going to be my staples for any and every occasion, so of course I had to share. Not to mention, these shorts are all at a decent price point but even if you think not, trust me when I say they’re worth the money. I broke down each pair of shorts with shots of each pair in every angle— front, side and booty. I’m giving details on my normal sizing, and how they fit…so let’s get started! 

The Perfect Short-Short.  




Ive already worn these 10+ times! They’re the perfect lengths and I love the distress on them plus the option to roll them up or to not. I like rolling my shorts because I like them short! Which speaking of short, they’re the perfect “short”. I don’t like my butt hanging out for all of OC to see, but I still want them short, you know what I mean? So this covers everything for me and I’m able to style them differently every time. My normal size is a 25 and they fit great. If anything, I have a little extra room, but not enough for me to go down another size. Personally I like extra room in case I want to get wild with my outfit choices and choose to tuck in a shirt or even a dress! These are priced at $ and I’m considering buying another pair because I wear them so much. LOVE.  

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Normal Size: 25 | Size Ordered: 25 | TTS: YES | 

Good Old Short




Plain Jane. Regardless of what your style is, every girl needs a pair of shorts like these in their closet. The pair that isn’t too busy, is still short, can be rolled up, and it’s able to let the top steal the show. Spring and Summer is full of vibrant colors like pinks, purples, oranges and red so sometimes I like the bottom to be less busy. These are my pair that do that job! As you can see, they also cover the bum and don’t run up too high. 

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Normal Size: 25 | Size Ordered: 25 | TTS: YES

The High Waisted Short




Ive had THE hardest time finding a pair of high wasted shorts. Like I mentioned, i don’t want my booty my hanging out. I feel like every pair i find does that, which drives me nuts. I understand that’s the style (i mean I’m a blogger) and i really wish that fit me well and it looked good… but it doesn’t. So finally after years of searching i found this pair and I’m happy as can be! My booty is covered, my shorts are at my waist and I’m able to pair it with a bathing suit top, tie top, or practically anything. To stay I’m stoked about getting these is an understatement lol!  

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Normal Size: 25 | Size Ordered: 25 | TTS: YES

If you choose to buy any of these shorts, let me know what you think! I’m on a hunt almost every summer and I’m finally content with the ones I have and had to share with you guys. I might snag another pair if I find one, but these are going to be my staple! Lesson learned that the quality is better at stores like Nordstrom.  


Danielle Alana

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