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Ahh! This post has been a long time coming.  I’d say starting at the beginning of this year, I started shopping at Trader Joe’s for my groceries.  I decided that I wanted to throw all the junk out of my house and that I was officially done eating it.  In high school, I ate like a normal high schooler! In my opinion 🙂 Goldfish, chips, muffins, you name it! It was in my pantry.  I say normal high schooler because well if you were eating salads than chances are we most likely weren’t friends lol! 

Anyways, I think eating like that as a kid or a teenager is fine (to an extent) but now that I’m done with college, it’s time to eat like a healthy adult and take care of myself! Not to mention, I hope to have babies some day and I feel that you are an example to your children of what you eat.  It is my goal for my kids to grow up in a home where both parents strive to eat healthy and live healthy lifestyles.  So, even though I’m not planning on having a baby this year…why not start now?! In order to make this a habit and to create a new lifestyle, I feel like its better to start earlier than later, especially if you aren’t used to it- and I’m definitely not.  

So with that being said, I am NOT pro.  I still have a churro when I’m at Disneyland, I still love pancakes, I still LOVE junk food. But compared to before, I’ve made a significant change.  My lifestyle is on the go, so everything I buy I feel is super easy to package up- especially the snacks. I plan on updating this shopping list every year, regardless of where I shop, just to share whats on my list for the purpose of the lifestyle side of my blog.  Happy shopping and let me know in the comments below if you have any questions! And of course–I’d love to hear what you buy or if we have any of the same things on our list! 😉


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