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And I’m back with another lovey dovey blog post- my favorite! I got SO many responses to the blog post on how Tim and I met, which you can read hereSo many of you reached out via DM over on Instagram and comments on how you wanted to read more! I love getting personal on here and sharing bits of my life so you guys get to see who I truly am.  One of my top pet peeves when it comes to blogging, or probably my #1 thing, is influencers who don’t share anything about them personally.  You see what they love, what they buy, what makeup they wear, and other than that, they’re just someone else behind the screen.  Don’t get me wrong, I get drawing the line and not wanting to share EVERYTHING…but if you are putting yourself out there then be ready to share! That is my #1 goal as a blogger, is to have my readers and followers always feel that they know who they’re talking to, and also getting personal.  Theres way more to my life then Instagram which is obvious but since that is the truth, I like to share what else my life is besides that.  

So with that huge long rant being over…lets get started on our first date! Our first date was 5 days after we got matched.  I was so impressed with how Tim really got to the point and wasn’t playing any games, like none.  We cut to the chase and it put me in my place! It was like a, “Woah. Ok. Its happening.” I 100% wanted to meet him, but unfortunately in the online dating scene a lot of the guys are losers, and they never really make it to that point.  I got SO LUCKY with Tim and how I found someone who was actually looking to date.  It was either going to work or it wasn’t, and we were going to find that out instead of it turning into a “we’re friends on Snapchat…thats about it.” 


Tim proposed the idea of getting a snack and taking a walk through the beach, which to some of you may sound boring, but I thought it was genius.  If you think about it, taking someone on a first date that involves somewhat of a long drive gives you a lot of time to talk.  Also, walking on the beach, theres no other distraction other than waves.  In my head it was a clear shot to find out from that first time of seeing each other, whether we clicked or not. Because no offense, but how can you tell if you like someone enough to see them again after just going to the movie theater? It gets dragged on and you aren’t able to see anyones personality until the second or third date, depending on what you do.  

So, thats what we did! Before Tim came to pick me up…yes, you read that correctly.  He came and picked me up. We did not meet there. Not to mention he came in and met my whole family.  *high fives Rena (Tim’s mom) for raising him right* I was slightly freaking out/nervous.  Who wouldn’t be?! It was either going to go amazing or I was going to be home in an hour having to hold back the fact that I went on an awkward date with my dance teacher’s brother.  Lets just say thank the Lord it went fine, because I would’ve crawled into a hole and never came out.  


The time came and went faster than I can even remember.  Before we knew it, we were sitting on a bench and it was way later than we expected it to go.  Both of our expectations were low, as I think anybodies would be.  He came around 7, and I for sure thought I would be home by 9.  C’mon, its a first date! That had a huge chance of going bad.  Well, it was 10:30 and neither of us wanted to leave but we knew we had to.  We spent the entire time in Newport Beach, eating donuts, walking on the pier, more walking all the way to the end of the beach streets and back, and more talking.  We walked and talked, for HOURS. That seemed to go by in 5 minutes.  I laugh every time I think about this, because at the time I remember feeling like I had more to share with him and more I wanted to talk about.  I could just go on forever without ever running out of topics, and that feeling still resonates with me on a daily basis.  It was that day, May 31st, that I knew I would never be able to separate from this guy named Tim. Looking back on this day makes me so emotional, because even then in my head I knew it was the beginning of a new chapter, as cheesy as that sounds.

You probably picked up that Tim has nice manners when you read that he came and picked me up, walked to the door, and met my entire family.  Well then you can probably guess who waited until the second date to kiss me! 😉 I’m glad thats the way it went down, even though neither of us were opposed, because looking back our first date was so solid and I feel set the standard for what, as a couple, we are all about. Before Tim and I popped back in the car to go home, we had already planned our second date. Which I’m not going to do a separate blog post on, so I’ll give you the run down here. Our second date was the plain old lunch and movie back at his house, which I figured that’s all it would be. Our date started at 11:30 AM, and Tim dropped me off at 10:30 at night…just another point proven that we were inseparable from the start! 

First date stories are always my favorite, because I think it says a lot about the people going on the date! How they got to the date, who planned the date, and what they did. Like I said I feel like it sets the standard of people’s relationship (not always) and is just overall so interesting! Feel free to comment you and your love’s first date story, I’d love to hear! Cheers to our 1 year anniversary of our first date.


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