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Anaheim Babecation, say what?! One of the best weekends of 2018 thus far.  Eating, hanging out with my babes, and more eating…what more could a girl ask for?! We went so many fun places, and did so many fun things, that I wanted to do a recap post going over each place we went to plus my review on each one.  For people who aren’t from Orange County reading my blog, I wanted you to know what places are hits and what places are misses! I would go to everywhere we went again, without a doubt.  This will soon be added to my Travel Tab so in the future you can go back to this post and it will be all organized for you! Let’s start with day one…




TOP | SHORTS (old, Hollister) | SANDALS | BAG (old, Target) | LUGGAGE


Day 1 was honestly probably my favorite day of the trip, even though it was the shortest. I feel like it set the tone for the entire trip and I bonded with the babes a lot! We all met up at the hotel and were overwhelmed by how much love we were given from the start. Visit Anaheim spoiled us with goody bags, a welcome toast and also an amazing hotel! We checked into the Grand Legacy Hotel with their new rooftop bar and we were all in HEAVEN! We headed to our rooms to go through all of our gifts and get ready for dinner, and then headed over to our evening planned at Splitsville Downtown Disney.  We bowled, ate WAY too much good food, and talked the night away.  We got there at 7 and I’m pretty sure we didn’t leave until midnight… a true girls night!




JACKET | TOP (lululemon) | SHORTS | SANDALS 




The next morning was super relaxing since our first activity wasn’t until I think around 11 or 12.  We were all able to sleep in, which I know for our Moms in the group was absolute heaven! The Grand Legacy at the Park gave us two connecting suites so we were so fortunate that we each got our own bed. Amen! We headed over for lunch at the Anaheim Packing District and were able to explore the restaurants that they have packed in there-literally! I’m a huge cheese lover, so I stuck with my normal and got a grilled cheese and decided to venture out for dessert instead.  I was feeling POP bar, and its (one of) the best decisions I ever made! I got cookies and cream which I highly recommend. After the Packing House, we walked over to Anaheim Make and enjoyed some time at Unsung Brewery and also Pali Wine Co.. I’m not QUITE 21 yet believe it or not so I enjoyed some appetizers and just ate…what I do best 😉 And as if I already wasn’t full, I went and ate more! Lol. Our last stop before dinner was House of Chimney Cakes, so more ice cream! My love language. I picked the Fashionista cone which you can see pictured HERE. After we got dessert we then went back to the hotel to get ready for our Cinco De Mayo party.  This night really topped the trip off! After we got ready, we headed upstairs to The Fifth rooftop bar & lounge.  They had live music, the best food and the atmosphere was so fun! I personally eat really small, just because I get full really fast.  I dived into the appetizers and I was a happy girl! 





Another morning of sleeping in…thank the Lord! We were able to stay up late on Saturday night to watch the fireworks from the rooftop and it felt like we were actually at Disneyland.  The Fifth turned down the lights, and played the music that Disneyland plays.  We basically got front row seats without having to deal with the crowd! We were tired after a night out of eating and dancing with the babes! So we were able to end the trip on a nice note, with brunch at Downtown Disney. We went to RB’s Jazz Kitchen and enjoyed mimosas with french toast! We had options for brunch, but we were all pretty much craving the french toast! After our cravings were satisfied we ended to weekend with a bang! 

To Visit Anaheim and all of our hosts- thank you so much for hosting the best babecation ever.  In this journey of blogging and being an influencer, it can be tough and also competitive.  We were treated nothing short of royalty and it is a weekend that I will definitely remember for a lifetime.  Your generosity and careful planning did not go unnoticed! Thank you a million.


Danielle Alana





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