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Hi, welcome to my blog post thats all about girl problems.  Does anyone else have the issue of trying to figure out what bra won’t show under certain clothes? Packing for a trip and having to bring multiple to style different outfits.  This girl knows ALL about that! Today I partnered with UpBra to give my tips and tricks on how to style white on white and also to show you guys UpBra’s bra!

White is one of my favorite colors to wear, especially during Summer. My go-to outfit is a white tee with either capris or shorts.  It is so cute and so basic, and I love that I can wear it all day and transition it into a night look.  One problem I have with wearing white is that my bras sometimes show underneath my tops. UpBra gifted me their white bra and let me tell you…I have never seen anything more white in my life! It was so crispy, that it was literally whiter than all my t-shirts. I’m almost tempted to ask how the heck they did that! But anyways, one of the tricks that I learned as a kid that stuck with me through adulthood was to put a cami on under your top. Thanks for the trick, Mom! I’ve found that my favorite stores mostly all sell camis in literally every color. Even if it wasn’t white, if I buy top that’s sorta see through, I pop on a cami under. Or, if it is super low and showing too much cleavage for me then that is also when I use that trick. 

My second tip/trick is to try and wear baggy clothes when wearing see through tops! If you want a little more cleavage, then I suggest putting a bralette over your bra.  Where one that matches the color scheme of your top and then throw on a bralette that is either the same color or blends in.  This adds a little more attitude to the outfit and also (depending on the outfit) adds a pop of color! 

One of the most important things though is having the best support. UpBra provides a great color selection, a variety of different bras, and of course the solid (seriously solid) white! When selecting a bra this summer for your basic white tee outfit make sure to get the solid white to pair with your tees and under your camis! You’ll be happiest with the support and also the crisp color that never goes away.

Thanks to UpBra for sponsoring this post.


Danielle Alana

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  1. 6.20.18
    Willa said:

    You should actually wear a NUDE bra under a white shirt/dress so that I won’t show through. It’ll blend with your skin tone and make for a nicer look. No one wants their bra showing unintentionally and you can see white under white and it’s not a great look. Also this way you don’t have to add an extra layer as you would with a cami specially during the Summer or layering a bralettes over a bra which kinda defeats the purpose of a bralette in the first place. It’s a pretty basic trick.

    • 6.20.18

      I definitely wear nudes too! I usually put bralettes over my bra just because wearing just a bralette doesn’t work for me. I was always jealous of girls who could pull of the bralette look but that wasn’t too flattering on me since I’m more top heavy! I was just promoting one of the colors UpBra offers- but you are right, white does show through. That’s why I mentioned the cami trick! And if its not too hot sometimes I’ll do that. Thanks for stopping by and reading! I really appreciate it! 🙂