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I’m a lucky girl, in my opinion! I get compliments that are SO sweet and one of the questions I get asked most by my lady friends is, “What foundation are you wearing?” I have a dedicated blog post to my everyday makeup routine, which you can find HERE. Since I get it so often I thought I would dedicate another blog post to the foundation part of my routine along with what I do to achieve that. 

The foundation brush that has been my ride or die for years now, is the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush. I’ve been using this since my freshman year of high school (changing it out when needed obviously haha!) and I haven’t tried anything else. Mostly because, I don’t NEED to try anything else. It does the job, always! I believe that next to the type of foundation you are using, your brush needs to be just as quality and amazing to achieve having flawless foundation. 

I’m a busy lady, so when I do my makeup its normally for some type of event.  Since I’m so busy, I soak up any amount of extra sleep I can get…which means pretty much everyday I’m rolling out of bed! I’m not a total slob, but if I do my makeup and/or hair for work, I must be having a REALLY good day. With that being said, when I’m going to an event, having a photoshoot, or getting ready for date night, I 99% of the time want a full coverage look– which means 24 hour foundation.  This type is heavy, but thats what makes it full coverage.  It covers everything– every blemish, every imperfection, every discolor, its magic! Your entire face will look silky smooth and picture perfect in every photo, and warning, you WILL get compliments! 

A full coverage look isn’t for everyone, but at the moment this is the only type I have.  No CC creams, nothing! Its on my wish list but at the moment, I feel very honest with myself when it comes to getting ready.  I’m either going big…or I’m not going! Lol. Shop below my foundation brush and foundation, which are both under $50! STEAL!


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