February Favorites

I thought I would start a "favorites" series where I post my favorite items of the month- sharing my true loves.  It'll vary every month- some will be fashion faves, some beauty, both, or more lifestyle.  OR you can get a combination of everything.  It just depends on what I'm loving! ;) Here are my first set of favorites for the year...

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1.  Wedges in my opinion became a total hit last Spring, but I didn't hop on the band wagon because I wasn't sure they would still be popular this season.  I am so happy to say that they are still a HUGE trend this year (again) and now I can finally hop on!  These wedges in particular are going for a great price- under $100! 

2.  Another great steal!  This dress is under $100 and comes in 7 different colors. SEVEN. I picked the lilac color because I thought it was gorgeous and is perfect for brunch with the girls or Easter! Plus, it can totally be worn into summer.

3.  This bag is another item I thought wouldn't be popular.  I saw everyone on social media with  cute straw bag, but all the ones I wanted were priced high.  I decided to wait until this season, an they luckily came back too!  The one I REALLY WANT is sold out right now, but this has great reviews and is on sale for $32.

4.  Basic tees are always my go to when it comes to running errands or even going out for a day.  I love pairing them with a pair of ripped jeans or cut offs, and slipping on my Tory's or a cute paid of slide-ons.  These are 40% off and I ordered them in more than one color.

5.  THIS. I have been looking for a chambray romper for what feels like years at this point, and I finally found THE one. Its on sale also, steal it before it sells out! 

6.  A girls best friend, lip gloss.  I ordered this color "Snob" awhile ago and I bring it pretty much everywhere I go, because its a color that goes with everything and will never get old!

7.  Highlighter!  I truly believe Anastasia has the best highlighters, but maybe thats because I refuse to try any others!  Its at a great price point because you get 4 colors for the price of one at some places.  The bottom right is my favorite but i'll probably transition to the others when summer comes.

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Danielle Alana