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It’s always a good day when you get to start off decorating your planner, isn’t it? Earlier last week over on stories I showcased my new buys from Erin Condren that I was SO pumped about! This brand has had my heart for the past 3 years and nothing gets me more motivated then having cute things to help me get organized. Earlier this year I did a blog post on why I love Erin Condren and what I use to plan. This post I’m going to be going into depth on how I decorate my planner, and what keeps me on track for staying organized. If it has something to do with stickers or decorating, or anyway that you can make any adulting thing fun, I’m all in!

Just back tracking a little, here is what came in my order!

Now to break it down.

ADDRESS BOOKThis is a new addition to the family and I’m looking forward to utilizing this in my future! I don’t know about you, but excel is my worst enemy. I hate technology (lol) and whenever I can I prefer to write things down rather than type them. This is my main reason as to why I’m so into planning and being organized! When it comes to things like making a guest list and keeping things in order like addresses (which will be happening here soon!) I loose everything while I’m typing it in a spreadsheet and I always mess something up. After the wedding, even Christmas card lists. I ordered this so I can keep track of all of our friends and families addresses as time goes on and also things such as birthdays and anniversaries. I love knowing when friends birthdays are so I can send them a card in the mail or just wish them a happy anniversary and surprise them! I’m planning on keeping this for the long run and writing everything down in pencil so it can change as time goes on.

STATIONARYI’ve been on the hunt for stationary that I can personalize for AWHILE now, and I have no clue why I didn’t think of EC. I think I’m just so planner based here that it didn’t even cross my mind to check there. As I was making this order, I was browsing around and came across these that were plain and I could personalize which was EXACTLY what I wanted. I’m hoping to use these as letters to you guys, when I do giveaways or just send you guys little things in the mail. Also for every day things like birthday cards, thank you letters, and working with brands. Now I finally have them, YAY!

INTERCHANGABLE COVERSI forgot to mention these guys on stories. Something I love so much about the life planner and address book is how the covers you can switch out. I just stuck with one cover for my address book, but as time goes on since I look at my planner so much, I like to change out the front and back to switch things up. I have a pile of these in my drawer always ready to go whenever I want!

ELASTIC BANDS These are a new addition that I’m excited about! I use my planner everyday, always referring back to it for my schedule and what I need to get done that day. Since I’m constantly opening and closing it, I ordered these to help me get to what page I want faster. I slide them on the page I want for the week and am able to use these as a bookmark if you will, and change them out! I ordered the glittery ones of course 😉

LIFEPLANNERThe God of planning, is also the name I have for it other than life planner 😉 I’ve been using this for a total of 3 years now and I don’t think I’m ever going to switch. It has all my needs and then some! First off, its just fricken cute. You can’t deny it. Motivational quotes are placed in the beginning of each month and theres always a page for notes. It comes with colorful outlines, and then in the back of a planner a few pages of stickers are also included. Along with a pouch to hold things if needed, and a perpetual calendar. Need I say more? Some people say it’s thick, while I do agree (it is not a petite one), you have to have room to carry all of that stuff! It makes me feel like I have super powers when I carry this thing around and I always get the “Wow, you look so put together” compliment when people see me with it. It really is my pride and joy!

Now to the fun part, how I accessorize!

Something I’ve loved doing since I was in early high school is watching YouTube videos on how people decorate their planners and such. I love little details and all things girly (if you couldn’t already tell) so I like watching how other people do things and getting inspiration from those social channels. One thing I’ve hated though? Feeling like my planner is ugly and always not doing PERFECT and then being mad with how it looks… hence why I buy a new planner every six months. Because I end up using white out and making it ugly. Well with all that being say, I FINALLY found a way to decorate my planner and love it. And it was really simple fix.

…I pencil everything in. I no longer use pen.

I’m not sure what makes me more mad— the fact that it was an easy fix or the fact that I bought too many planners? But really, this has made the world of a difference when it comes to accessorizing and I’ve really had to pace myself. I would get WAY too excited when stickers came in, or I got on a planning kick, and I would go over board. When the time came to accessorize for that week I was irritated and didn’t like what I did 5 weeks ago. Oh, and my plans had changed and I was whiting stuff out like it was my job. This sounds really silly and also very much a first world problem, but I actually couldn’t handle it.

The solution- I now pencil all of my plans in. I don’t do stickers until the time is right. #overdramatic But if you are like me, and your schedule is constantly changing like work shifts and plans, then you know the struggle. With my new life planner I now sit down on Sunday’s, and only decorate for the following week. I’ll use my favorite sticker books (shop below) and then write everything in pen for that week. At that point, oh well if something changes. It’s made the world of a difference and when it comes to motivation and loving how it looks, this method has worked great for me. Again, this sounds so silly but my planner is what keeps my busy life on track and it might as well be cute, right?!

I love talking about my love for planning and I hope you guys like reading about it! You can shop everything in this post through the pink highlighted links or the Shop My Post widgets. Please let me know if you have any questions, or comments! My DM’s and email are always open to chat. Have a great week!

Thank you to Erin Condren for sponsoring today’s post.


Danielle Alana

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