We're Engaged!


Tim and I are so excited to announce that WE ARE ENGAGED! On Saturday, Tim and I were at the beach with our good friends Nick & Sydney.  For those who don't know-- Sydney is responsible for all of my blog photos! Awhile ago she asked if we could accompany her and Nick to the beach to shoot a couple photos of them, since Nick's birthday was a few days prior.  This was nothing out of the ordinary, as I always shoot photos for her and her boyfriend Nick and vice versa.  She told me to dress up because she might as well snap a few of Tim and I, since we were there.  Plus, I can always use more photos of the two fo us! 

In my head, the original plan was we were going to do a mini photoshoot for each other and then head back home to attend the Street Fair.  Little did I know Tim was proposing, and we actually headed back to his house for an I DO BBQ with all of our friends and family.  I was overwhelmed with emotions walking into a home filled with people near and dear to my heart-- some of my favorite people in the entire world. The night ended with friends and family, and most of all-- love. 

I'm so excited for our adventure to start together and I can't wait to take YOU guys along for the ride. Stay tuned for my next blog post sharing ALL the details about our Engagement Party. Cheers to forever!


Danielle Alana