Shopping with the Groomsmen

This day was so exciting! From the very beginning I knew exactly what I wanted Tim and his groomsmen to look like dress wise. I had a vision that was so specific, but I seriously didn’t even know where to start. I’m one of those people that has a hard time putting into words what I’m looking for because I’m so visual. Before knowing who was going to dress the guys for this special day, I was starting to worry that I wasn’t going to find EXACTLY what I was looking for. And let’s be honest, I had never gone tux shopping with anyone before so I didn’t even know what to expect! Tim suggested going to Friar Tux from the beginning, but being a guy his reasoning was, “they’re close by”. Of course convenience is a plus, but I was also looking for more than just that. Now that shopping with the groomsmen has passed and the big day is almost here, here is why we went with Friar Tux for all of our needs and why we will never go anywhere else!


Being a bride alone is just plain stressful. There are so many decisions to make, and although a lot of them are fun, it can easily become overwhelming. When shopping for Tim’s look and his guys, it was important to me that the process be stress free and also have the process be personable. In order to grasp the idea of the big day, I wanted the stylist to be willing to sit and listen to my vision rather than just dressing them for any old wedding. During our appointment, it was so nice to be HEARD! Our stylist, Eric, made sure to ask important questions regarding color schemes, my vision, and also all of our requests. This made for a great first impression and immediately relieved my stress about it all.

Endless Options

I guess when I envisioned going tux shopping, I didn’t imagine having very many looks to choose from. If we’re being honest, I thought I would only have three to choose from. My naive brain told me tuxes were plain and simple! While waiting for our appointment (not long at all), I was shocked at how many tuxedo options there were to choose from. Lined along the wall as you will see in the photos below, your imagination can really go wild. My worry about not finding what I wanted immediately went away after browsing the store!

No Pressure

Tim’s first worry about this process was having to buy a tuxedo. I’m 100% the spender and he is the saver in this relationship, without a doubt. When I told him I wanted tuxedos to be the look and Black Tie to be our dress code, he panicked about the price. Guests shying away from buying one, his groomsmen not being able to get them, and the whole deal. After our appointment at Friar Tux, Tim was surprised to learn that there was no pressure to buy. Not only for him but for everyone! The rent option is so convenient for people who don’t want to fully commit to purchasing a tux. The main worry for people I think is buying a tuxedo and not having anywhere to wear it too, which I totally understand. So the rent option was a game changer for Tim and his groomsmen!


Tim was right, convenience is pretty nice! But I’m not just talking about the location. Though on their website if you click HERE, they do have a store locator which is very helpful. Besides that, you can literally get the tux from anywhere— not just in the store! You can sit on the couch, do it on your phone, go in store, whatever you prefer. Besides the ordering process being a breeze, the pickup is fast too. As a bride, its one less thing to worry about for me since I know the groomsmen had the pick up date just the way they wanted it.


Tim’s groomsmen sizes are literally all over the place. We have three who are super tall, some very short, and then in the middle. Not only different heights, but also different body sizes. When getting Tim fitted first for his tuxedo, we had to play around with some sizes. He has very long arms but a bit shorter (still super long) legs. So the standard size for Tim didn’t work. Thankfully Friar Tux takes this into consideration, and we had no problem mixing and matching his sizes to get the look perfect look. They took the time to make sure Tim was comfortable which was so nice!

So, if you couldn’t already tell, we fell in love and found our forever tux shop: Friar Tux! I’m so happy with how the looks turned out and I can’t wait to see them on the wedding day next to our bridesmaids. Not only that, but to see Tim just at this shopping day made me emotional! I’m pretty sure he’s supposed to cry when he sees me, but I already know I’m going to cry when I see him in just six weeks. Since I’m sure you are dying to see what the look is, without further ado, here is a sneak peak!















Since only a few of his groomsmen were able to make it the same day as Tim, you’ll have to wait just a tad bit longer to see the whole group together! Friar Tux did an outstanding job and these looks really do pull together the whole bridal party for a very Spring black tie wedding. 45 days and counting…

Thank you to Friar Tux for sponsoring this post. All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.


Danielle Alana

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