Temecula Creek Inn: Dreamy Rustic Getaway




Now that we’re stuck inside, I’m just day dreaming over here of my time at Temecula Creek Inn a few weeks ago. In case you missed it, I did a mini staycation in our soon to be new home town area where we will be spending a lot of time on the weekends! I was so excited (and still feel so honored) that I was able to collaborate with Temecula Creek Inn mainly because it is a hotel I truly love. This staycation wasn’t my first time at this hotel—it was actually my 4th or 5th, but I can’t remember exactly. It is definitely one of those “pinch me” moments in my job because I get to work with (in this case) a hotel I’ve stayed at and enjoyed multiple times over. I feel like I’m really able to give you good idea of what this property is like, and also why you will love it so much.

One of the main reasons I love this hotel so much is because they stay true to their roots and you can see that everywhere—in their decor, all around the property, the staff and the overall feel. Temecula Creek Inn is exactly how they advertise it, an escape under the oak trees. Imagine a rustic building, with dim lighting, friendly people, out in nature, in a quiet, secluded area with everything you need right at your finger tips. That is what I think of when I think of Temecula Creek. Besides it being tucked away out in nature with all of its charm, it has some history too. They celebrated 50 years recently, and having still standing their original stone house, it gives it age. Their aesthetic has stayed the same, but not in a boring way. It reminds me at least, that time moves quickly and it is ok to slow down. It truly takes you back from the chaos of life and gives you a getaway and a friendly life reminder all in one.

Besides the way the hotel makes me feel (which is very relaxed!), it is also conveniently located near everything there is to do. Old Town is less than three miles away, if you’re feeling adventurous—the hot air balloons are over the hill, and the mall is a quick trip around down the street. Personally though, when I think of this hotel and Temecula as a city, the words “night life” and “ going out” don’t necessarily come to mind. After growing up my whole life in Orange County, which is a very fast paced city and everything is always go go go, gotta keep up with everyone else lifestyle, type of city, I usually want to get away from that. Hence the reason we chose to leave OC in the first place, but when out here I feel very relaxed. The pace of life is slower. People are friendlier. We’re away from all the hustle bustle. I say this because I see people complain every now and then about how there isn’t much to do in the area. But having the opportunity to go be in a beautiful area, watch gorgeous sunsets, drink wine, and relax, that sounds like a lot of fun for me. Because that is what I need more of, ha! So yes, you aren’t going to have a jam packed schedule when you come here most likely. But isn’t the whole point of vacation to relax? To shop, eat and drink. Take a hot air balloon (or two) and see the city. Spend quality time with your spouse, family, or a girls getaway. Not to worry though, I will be putting together a travel guide very soon!

Back to Temecula Creek though and all its beauty. As I mentioned up above, this inn has a very rustic, romantic feel to it. With that being said, not only do they host guests for weekend getaways but they also host weddings in two beautiful locations. The first location is near the front of the hotel, across from the check-in area. It’s a one stop location for cocktail hour, ceremony and reception. The other location is in the very back of the lot that you have to golf cart too. My friend and I were able to go back and take a peak and get some photos for you guys and let me tell ya, it did NOT disappoint. Even though I’m already married, I know a lot of you are in the “about to be married” phase so I wanted to cover this for you. Not only that, but a girl can still dream right? I realized after I got married that not only did I have a love for planning my own weddings but also a love for weddings in general!





Let’s talk my favorite thing in the world now (ok top 5 maybe)—food. Besides the hotel, pool, wedding spots, and golf, your one stop shop for all your hungry needs is Cork Fire Kitchen. My personal favorite here is brunch, and like everything else, it does not disappoint. One of the times we stayed here Tim’s whole family stayed with us for a wedding and we all got brunch together the next morning before heading out. I tried mine (obviously), Tim’s, and my nieces meal and they were all DELICIOUS. This time when I took my friend, we also tried each other meals. SO YUMMY. Below are my recommendations for what to order if you happen to find yourself needing help while you’re visiting!




Alright, now if we could all get out of quarantine and go on a vacation, that would be much needed. In all realness though, I considered not sharing this blog post now because of the time we’re in. Then it hit me that so many people are wanting to travel after this period, that it actually is the perfect timing! So, if you’re up for a little adventure drinking lovely wine, going on a hot air balloon and lodging at one of the most rustic, charming and romantic hotels in the area…tell them Danielle sent you! 😉

thank you to Temecula Creek Inn for hosting my stay.


Danielle Alana

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