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Ever since we started our fur family, I always wondered what my Dad would think. Before he passed away of cancer back in 2019, I always mentioned that after Tim and I got married we would soon expand our family with a pup. He would shake his head at me, laugh and tell me that I had no idea what I was in for. Boy, was he right! Fast forward to now, and we have been married over a year with having a dog since week one of marriage. Chip was our first, as you all know and he was/is a very wild boy. Nilla is the baby, and she knows it too! Before we started this little family of ours, Tim was adamant on doing a ton of research in regards to dog food. He wanted the best of the best for our fur babies…and that was when I knew he would the make the best dog dad!

He gets up with them every morning doing their breakfast, and the dogs look forward to it. They know dad serves dinner too and if mom ever has to feed them (AKA me), they aren’t happy. They’ll eat, but they definitely know something is up since that isn’t the normal routine around here. Safe to say Tim spoils them during their eating time, not only with love but also with the food they eat! When Tim did his research that I mentioned previously, he came across Blue Buffalo®. My husband being my husband, needs facts, details and doesn’t stop until he gets what he is looking for. That being said, I knew when the decision was made, that there would be no changing his mind when he settled on a dog food. He gave me his presentation like he always does when it comes to something he is passionate about or interested in, and laid down the facts. Before I knew it, we were home from our honeymoon and doing our first dog food run. Now we get double the food since we have two (very hungry and big food lover) mouths to feed, ha! Also, side note–I pick ours up from Walmart! I either grab it in store, get it delivered or do the pick-up option which makes it super easy and convenient. Here is a screenshot for reference of what I get! Click here to purchase yours and explore what the best option is for you today!

Chip and Nilla eat BLUE Life Protection Formula™ Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken and Brown Rice,. There are a handful of reasons why we chose this brand to feed to our pups, but a few that stick out the most to me have to do with their health. We found out early that Chip was not a fan of chicken by-product meal, believe it or not. Chicken by-product meal is made of dry, ground, rendered-clean parts of the chicken carcass. BLUE Life Protection Formula™ Natural Adult Dry Dog Food​ contains no chicken by-product meal, soy, wheat, artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. The real chicken with the finest natural ingredients, enhanced with vitamins and minerals, and with “wholesome” whole grains, garden veggies, and fruit are the biggest wins for us, and everything else that it is free of is a huge win! Since Chip and Nilla are both rescues, we had no idea what breeds they would be when we got them…well, leave it to us to choose two of the biggest breeds there are! They are mixes, but Chip is 50% St. Bernard and Nilla is 50% Great Pyrenees–hence why they are huge, ha. BLUE Life Protection Formula™​ contains glucosamine and chondroitin for large breed dogs that help support their joint health, and mobility as they age into becoming seniors in the future. We were told by our vet that the probability of them having joint problems in the future is likely, so giving them food to support them in that area was a must for us. On top of those two reasons that really sold us into giving them Blue Buffalo®, their food also contains wholesome ingredients. Tim and I really try to eat healthy and pay attention to ingredients, so it was only fair we did the same for them!

Now that you know why we feed our pups Blue Buffalo®, let’s touch on another reason as to why I have a huge heart for them that has to do with my dad. He was very against us getting a dog when I mentioned it to him, but he very well understood that we would do what we wanted after we were married. My dad had multiple dogs throughout his life, two of them being a German Shepard and a Labrador. He knew the importance of having a man’s best friend, but also agreed that they took work to train and take care of. I think he was mainly concerned for me, in the sense that he knew I wasn’t a fan of doing the dishes, so how could I possibly take care of a dog? If you browse over their morning routine again, you’ll read that it’s Tim who mainly takes care of them…so yes Dad, you were right lol! In all seriousness though, I think he wanted me to understand that they are animals who are smart, and need lots of love. My dad served in the Vietnam War and always told stories about his experience in training camp and his memories–good and bad. He would mention the long days and lonely nights that took place during this time, and how getting a dog right after the war was the best move he could’ve made.

Blue Buffalo® partnered with Sierra Delta, which if you don’t know what that is, let me tell you about it! They are known for helping supply service dogs to veterans all over the country. BLUE Buffalo has pledged to donate $1 for every small bag of food sold, up to $275,000 worth. WOW! This applies to the BLUE Life Protection Formula™ and the BLUE Wilderness™ dry or wet food during the month of November. This goes towards Sierra Delta Service Dogs for Heroes, which I know my dad would be a supporter of. Their mission as a whole is to provide more support to veterans by partnering them with trained canine companions. Not only does this increase access and efficiency, but it helps eliminate the shortage of service dogs that are so needed for our military heroes, and also, helps lessen the euthanizing of large adoptable rescue pups. With my dad being a veteran, November being his birthday month, and Chip and Nilla being rescues, it almost felt like a call to help spread the word on this wonderful partnership and share why and what we give our dogs that is the best of the best. To read more about this partnership, click here.

At this point I’m sure you are sold on Blue Buffalo®, so I wanted to let you know where and how you can purchase. We get ours from our local Walmart and will either grab it in store or do their pick-up option. Click here to add it directly to your cart!

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