Second Trimester Recap

Second trimester is over…wait, what? Seems like yesterday I was writing my first trimester recap (read here) telling you guys how I couldn’t wait to be over my sick phase. It done end up ending, thank goodness, but time is just going by too fast! I was able to enjoy both of our birthday celebrations during second trimester, our gender reveal, two baby showers and other fun things we got to accomplish together like completing some rooms in our home. I feel the third trimester kicking in now with being more exhausted than normal and also just wanting to nest like crazy. Since I felt so much better in second trimester, our schedule did pick up a little so that resulted in me forgetting things like writing down key points from each week and also doing bump photos consistently. Even though I’m pretty bummed I slipped up on those two things, all that matters is that baby boy & I are healthy and doing well! Which is all we can really ask for. For third trimester, I’m looking forward to getting lots of family time in with the holidays just around the corner, and then doing lots of organizing and nesting after Christmas and gifts are in. My maternity leave also starts around this time so I’m very much looking forward to being done with work for awhile and getting to relax at home! I went ahead and rounded up some items that I’ve been using + loving this second trimester (most that I still am) and wanted to share with you all.

Pregnancy Pillow | This has been a game changer for me. First trimester to around halfway through the second trimester I wasn’t using one of these. My friend let me borrow hers and it is so nice! I was noticing I was waking up with back & hip pain every morning and having a really hard time getting comfortable falling asleep, which normally I don’t have any troubles. I now sleep much better and no longer have back or hip pain in the morning!

Nipple ButterIt might seem a little early to be using this, but man mine have been dry lol! I guess not everyone gets this this early, but I noticed mine getting sort of flaky and just feeling dry. My midwife said it wasn’t too early to start moisturizing so I’ve been using this and it fixed them right up. I only apply weekly or when needed now!

 Belly ButterI have not seen any stretch marks yet, but my belly is definitely itchy and feels like it is stretching ha. I’m actually Young Living’s body butter as my belly butter since it is all natural and has clean ingredients, but this one has lots of good reviews and I have a few friends that used it and loved it. Belly massages a few times a week are the best at this point in the game!

Prenatal Vitamins | I’m not going to lie…I haven’t been that good at taking these since I hit second trimester. When I went through my period of being sick everyday for over a month, I fell off the train because food and water was barely staying down. I’m setting reminders on my phone everyday to get this down now! I’m not good at swallowing pills, so as much as I would like to take a better/cleaner brand of prenatals, I have to have a gummy.

Liquid Probiotic | Lovely constipation. One of the many joys of pregnancy! I took this before I got pregnant and am continuing to take this everyday. I skipped a few days while on our babymoon and I noticed that (sorry, TMI) things weren’t moving as smoothly as before. This is a staple for me to keep things regular!

Wireless Bra | My bras were getting super uncomfortable so I decided I needed to change out of my Victoria Secret’s college bras, lol. A lot of friends I follow share these so I decided to give this one a try and boy am I impressed! The no wiring makes such a big difference. I get the feeling of a sports bra, but the support of a regular bra. Definitely purchasing more in the near future!

Boybrief Undies | I’ve heard of some people needing to buy low riding underwear since the tightness of underwear can be uncomfortable. That hasn’t been the situation for me yet, but I do prefer these over any of the others I have. They are a soft, stretchy material so they’ve been able to move with my bump and have yet to feel tight for me. Win!

Maternity Shorts | My mom came over one day and saw that I was wearing my shorts unbuttoned and got so mad at me haha! She had me order a pair of maternity shorts from Amazon that I found and I’ve been (no joke) wearing them any time I leave the house. They are affordable, cute, the quality is great and my bump loves them. A million different color styles are available so I ordered two more for our trip before we left. They are the best and I will probably wear them after baby too!

Refillable Water Cup | Keeping up with my water intake has been super hard for me for some reason. Normally I am really into it and am a big advocate, but pregnancy has changed that lol. The only thing I can think of is that since I am having to pee so much now, my body thinks I’m getting plenty of water, when in reality I’m not. I went to my check-up recently and my bp was really low so they told me I need to be over killing it with the water. Drinking out of cute cups helps me and this is one of my favorites I have!

24/7 Hydration Moisturizer | My skin has gotten extremely dry throughout my pregnancy, and even more dry now that cold weather has made an appearance. This is my all time favorite moisturizer and immediately gets rid of any dry spots I have! I’ve been using it every night and every morning.

Overnight Resurfacing PeelThis has been another must for me! I put this on about every night (or when I remember) and it has changed the look of my skin drastically. It gives you that nice, tingly sensation when you put it on so you know it’s working!

Third trimester, here we come!

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