Christmas Bucket List 2020

Happy December 1st! I can’t believe December is here–I blinked and the month of November flew by. More accurately, it seems like it was November 1st, Thanksgiving, and then it was over. Where did the time go?! Although I’m not complaining and I don’t think anyone else is either. Everybody has wanted this year to be over for a handful of reasons, and now that time is flying by we’re finally getting what we wanted! Christmas time is something I’ve actually looked forward to this year, so I didn’t mind the decorating early and stores pushing the holiday madness. It probably has to do with mentally, remembering that once Christmas is over, it’s a waiting game for when baby boy Schlueter is going to make his arrival. Which you all know I am very eager for! Secretly crossing my fingers though that the month of December goes by slower than November, just so I can soak up all the family time and holiday cheer. This time of year is so cozy and warm, with constant reminders of the blessings in my life, personally. With this being the last holiday season without being a mom…forever…I’m doing my best to live in the present and remember every little detail.

There’s a lot of things I want to do this month that aren’t happening like normal (like going to Disneyland to see the castle and the holiday cheer–thanks COVID), but I rounded up some of my top bucket list items for this month that I would love to cross off! And I wanted to share with you all in case you need some ideas to stay busy while at home or on the weekends.

1. Christmas Pajamas

2. Hot Cocoa Bar

3. Bake Christmas Cookies

4. Decorate the Tree

5. Wrap Christmas Gifts

6. Give to Others

7. Make a Gingerbread House

8. Participate in “You’ve Been Elfed” in the Neighborhood

9. Look at Christmas Lights

10. Start an Advent Calendar

Based off of this list, I have a few things going so far! I’m almost 100% done with my Christmas shopping, therefore I only have a few gifts left to wrap and the rest is done. Super happy with how my theme turned out this year! I got a head start on the holiday baking in November and have been making Christmas cookies like crazy…thanks pregnancy cravings! Next on my list is to head out and make a “You’ve Been Elfed” bucket for one of my neighbors (similar to you’ve been boo’d, just holiday theme) and then hopefully get an advent calendars for the dogs. We got one last year and the pups were obsessed! What are some things you’re adding to your December bucket list?

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  1. 12.9.20
    Neely Moldovan said:

    So many great ideas! We didn’t do a bucket list this year but I have a mental one haha!

  2. 12.9.20
    Jennifer Prince said:

    Give me all of the hot chocolate bars. So fun and YUMMY!! I have already decorated my tree and gotten PJs, though.

  3. 12.10.20
    Stephanie said:

    So many fun items on this list! I still need to get into the spirit with some baking. I’ve always loved baking with my mom, but she moved farther away this year so doing it together has been more challenging. I’ll have to get some of her recipes and try them on my own for my husband and myself!

  4. 12.10.20
    Deborah said:

    What a fun list – I kinda want to copy a few of your activities. For example, the hot cocoa bar sounds amazing!

  5. 12.10.20
    Melissa said:

    I don’t have a December bucket list but you just inspire me to have one! Also, I would love to have a hot cocoa bar, I think it’s such a cute idea and the best excuse to have some hot coco haha.

  6. 12.10.20
    Amanda said:

    These are cute ideas! I totally want to set up a Christmas Eve hot cocoa bar for my family & I’ll be wrapping presents while watching Christmas movies.

  7. 12.14.20
    Ifeoluwa said:

    These a nice ideas! I was able to decorate my Christmas tree two weekends ago. Very much needed especially around this time

  8. 12.17.20
    Alice said:

    Making bucket lists is such a great practice! That way you remember all the fun things you really want to do each seaon. These are such fun ideas for the holidays!


  9. 12.17.20
    Erin said:

    We are baking ALL the christmas cookies this year!! Love your list!