Christmas Cards With Minted

Awhile back Tim and I did a photoshoot with Sydney Bliss Photography for our Christmas cards! I prefer to get mine done early because of all the holiday madness. Some people were a little shocked when I told them we had photos for Christmas cards when we did, but here is my take on it. You take them mid-October, and then it usually takes the photographer anywhere from 1-2 weeks to get you all the photos back and edited. Then you sit down and go through picking your favorites. At this point, its beginning of November and I’d say it takes me about a week to pick a favorite, and then try it out with different Christmas cards and change my mind 5 million times. I order them, and by the time I receive them its mid-November. There ya have it! You get them and right around Thanksgiving and by the time you stuff them, address and everything else you’re getting them out right on time. I’m crazy, I know. But hey, anything to get them done and out of my hair early–especially this year!

Since last year was our first married Christmas it was the first year we decided to send out Christmas cards. I ordered through Minted because they had the most styles I liked and also were doing a major sale! I did the same thing this year and am so happy I did. That’s another perk of getting them done early, is that a lot of online retailers have early bird special sales for Christmas card photos. It’s cool to see how last year was a wedding photo on our Christmas card, and this year its us with a big old baby bump. Can’t believe we’re going to have an almost one year old in our photos next year!

How many Christmas cards do you usually send out? When do you get your photos done?


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  1. 12.9.20
    GiGi Eats said:

    Such cute photos!!! Is it weird that I’ve never sent an XMAS card out before??

  2. 12.9.20
    Bri said:

    Gorgeous pictures! Looks like a magazine ad! And congrats!!

  3. 12.9.20

    Your photo shoot is so sweet and it is so nice to remember your early Christmas’s. I have not sent out cards this year yet but Minted seems like a great service.

  4. 12.9.20
    Amber Myers said:

    I love all your photos! They will look amazing on a Christmas card. I recently sent all my cards out!

  5. 12.9.20
    Heather said:

    We get our Christmas cards from Minted every year. We love the quality and the designs!

  6. 12.9.20
    Tasheena said:

    All of your photos are simply stunning. Minted always has amazing cards.

  7. 12.10.20

    Indeed such awesome pictures! Definite a great memorabilia that you can share with your child to see in the future.

  8. 12.10.20
    Nikki Wayne said:

    These are great photos and I love the maternity dress she’s wearing. So gorgeous!

  9. 12.10.20
    Rose Ann Sales said:

    It’s great to look back on this kind of photos after 2 years.

  10. 12.10.20
    Tomi said:

    Your pictures are adorable. I love Minted cards. We’ve ordered from them several times over the past few years. The quality and selection are amazing!

  11. 12.10.20
    Heather said:

    I love their cards but just couldn’t justify the spend this year. <3

  12. 12.10.20
    Kathy said:

    I love doing Christmas cards. They can be so much fun. These photos turned out amazing. They’re very beautiful!

  13. 12.10.20
    Lynndee said:

    Cute pictures. For our first Christmas card here in the U.S., I used our family photo taken during our first snow experience. After that, I just buy the ones from HomeGoods.

  14. 12.10.20
    heather said:

    Love these pictures! You will really be happy you have them to look back on. I am a little behind on my Christmas cards. Minted has such a great collection!

  15. 12.10.20

    These photos are quite lovely. It is nice to have them to remember this special time years from now.

  16. 12.10.20
    Catalina said:

    Beautiful photos and beautiful memories. They are unique!

  17. 12.10.20
    Kita Bryant said:

    I would love to get these cards made. They look so clear!

  18. 12.10.20
    Swathi said:

    This is beautiful Christmas cards these are perfect memories, this is unique.

  19. 12.11.20
    Mama Maggie's Kitchen said:

    Aww these photos are stunning! Congratulations for your little one! I have lost track of how many Christmas cards I have sent out already! Haha Minted sounds good. I will check this out.

  20. 12.11.20
    rika said:

    Lovely pictures! A great way to capture memories and to share with loved ones during Christmas.

  21. 12.12.20

    Wow! These photos will look so pretty on the Christmas cards 😍 You look absolutely radiant! Beautiful couple shots👌🏻

  22. 12.17.20
    Natalie said:

    Beautiful photos. What a lovely idea to turn these photos into Christmas Cards. Brilliant!