My Hospital Bag: What I’m Packing

The long awaited hospital bag packing list! Our bags are packed and as of today, the suitcase is in the car and ready to go for show time. Along with my suitcase, I also put a few towels in the car and will hopefully remember to bring a pillow when its time to drive over.

In case some of you are confused or surprised at the fact that I’m bringing a suitcase–let me explain my reasoning! I was originally planning on just bringing the diaper bag and a few weekender bags, but here is why I chose not to. My friend mentioned/asked me this question: would your significant other rather hold a bunch of bags or just roll one suitcase? I never thought to ask Tim, so when I did, he 100% said he would rather just have one large suitcase to roll instead of shouldering all these bags by himself. So, if any of you are expecting mamas (which I assume you are if you’re reading!), make sure to ask your partner what they would rather carry when it comes time! The suitcase I’m bringing is linked here as well as at the bottom of the post.


3 Pairs of Underwear + Socks | He would probably be fine with two, but you never know how things will go or how long you’ll stay. Better safe than sorry!

2 Changes of Clothes | He’s just bringing comfy clothes–athletic shorts, random t-shirt type outfits. We’re doing newborn photos basically as soon as we get home, so I could care less about his “look” or outfits for photos in the hospital. Also, whatever he is wearing to the hospital so technically 3 I guess.

1 Sweatshirt | As someone who has spent an unfortunate amount of time in a hospital, I know this all too well. Never forget a sweatshirt! These places are cold. 

Toiletries | Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, body wash, shampoo + conditioner, deodorant, cologne, beard oil, razor. All travel size!

Bath TowelsOne bath towel for Tim when he showers. I heard bringing your own towels is a game changer!

Phone ChargerAnd an extra long one, too! Tim’s just bringing his phone, we aren’t messing with bringing laptops or other devices.


Hair | Gimme Beauty hair ties, wet brushdetangler, dry shampoo. Not bothering bringing a blow dryer since I always let my hair air dry anyways! All travel size.

Makeup | Only bringing for the purpose of possibly getting photos/having the energy. Not too concerned about getting ready at the hospital, I just want the option if I feel like it. My makeup routine is linked here.

Toiletries | toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, shampoo & conditioner, loofah, body wash, skin care routine (code: DANIELLEALANA for 15% off Tula products), chapstick, and face wipes. All travel size!

BlanketEver since I got my Barefoot Dreams Blanket over summer, I sleep with it every single night. I can’t sleep without it at this point! It’s cozy and gets extra hold. Bringing a piece of home with me for comfort too!

Nipple ButterI’m already using this daily because I hear it helps to start before actually breastfeeding. I use this one and love it!

PajamasIn case no one has told you, these pajamas are the best EVER! They are so soft and cozy, not to mention breastfeeding friendly. I own the short pair version too!

2 Loose Pants & 2 Nursing Tops | These pants are also the best ever! They are very soft and also keep you pretty warm. My tops aren’t designated nursing tops, I’m literally just bringing button up tank tops since that’s all I have at the moment!

Shoes | Flip flops!


Announcement Photo PropsI ordered this sticker from Etsy and I plan on ordering a swaddle with the nickname we plan on calling him, as soon as it comes back in stock. Worst case I got the sticker!

Car Seat | Definitely something you don’t want to forget! We’re using the UppaBaby carseat.

Boppy Pillow | For breastfeeding support!

Outfits \ 1 Pajamas, 2 Long Sleeved onesies, 1 Short Sleeve | I’m kind of bringing him a lot of outfits, mainly because I have no idea how big he’ll be! If he weighs as much as everyone thinks he will, I don’t think he’s going to fit into anything newborn. So I’m bringing 0-3 month size too–just in case!

Swaddles & Blankets | Bringing two swaddles and one blanket. The hospital will give you some but I want some cuter options!

Pacifiers | I registered for a bunch of different kinds so I had lots on hand. Bringing one of each so he can pick his favorite!

Portable Sound Machine | I’m sort of expecting that sleep will be pretty much non-existent while we’re there because of all the nerves of us (mom & dad), but also hospitals are never really quiet anyways. Always machines beeping, codes happening, it can get loud! Bringing this in case we need it to help him sleep.

Essential Oils | Bringing the necessary baby oils, but packing them in with mine in my case.

In General:

Laundry Bag | To hold our dirty clothes in so they’re separate from the rest of our things. I got this one for Christmas and am excited to use it! Also a trash bag for our shower towels.

Bathroom/Medicine Needs | Diapers for me! The hospital provides some but I’m picky on brand/sizing, and I’ve heard they aren’t the best. Tums & Tylenol for Tim just in case he needs it.

Nurse Baskets | I’m putting together gift baskets for my midwives (I have 3 total) and possibly one for the front office staff. Since I won’t be having nurses as of now, I haven’t decided if I’m going to make one for them anyways or just stick with my midwives. This is definitely something extra, not required by any means! I just heard it’s appreciated. Check out my Instagram to see what I’m adding to mine in the next few days!

Snacks | Give me all the snacks! With being in the pandemic, I heard you aren’t really allowed to leave the hospital and come and go as you please. With that being said, I want to make sure I have snacks that I like and same with Tim. Bringing some of our favorite like the Verb Bars!

Drinks | Bringing my Yeti to drink out of (since that’s how I am haha), a few water bottles & Gatorade.

Disposable PillowsPicked up two of these from Target. I personally don’t want to bother bringing my own pillows because of all the germs! Instead, I’m just bringing these with two pillow cases that I’ll wash when we get home. Pillows I plan on leaving at the hospital/throwing away. Of course the hospital has some, but I hear they aren’t comfortable and its best to bring your own! We’ll see if this is a must after all is said and done.

Long Charging CordsI have no clue where the outlets are going to be in our room, and a friend was telling me that she brought an extra long charger and it still didn’t reach her bedside–she ended up needing an extension cord. I haven’t decided if I’m going to bring that yet or not, but I’ll keep you posted on after!

Alright…am I forgetting anything? I think that’s it, ha! I’m not too worried about mine or baby needs as far as delivering at the hospital goes, just because worst case scenario, they do have everything. I feel like I’m sort of being what you would call a “brand snob” as of now when it comes to products I’m using and products I want on him, so I’m sure when the time actually comes it’ll all fly out the window. We’ll see though! Stay tuned for my follow up post which will include what we used, didn’t use, and possibly forgot + needed.



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  1. 1.17.21
    Jill said:

    Bring a bathrobe, it gets cold in the hospital.