My Pregnancy Must-Haves

Now that baby boy is set to make his arrival any day now, I figured it’s time I start wrapping up my pregnancy blog posts. On Friday, I did my third trimester recap which you can read here. Definitely my favorite trimester by far! I told you guys that I would put all my must-haves in one place for you to shop and go into detail on all the items. It’ll be interesting to see next pregnancy if I add more to this list–which I’m sure I will!


Dip Clips | This is a silly must-have, but still a must! I eat sometimes during my car and it was getting harder and harder to balance food and my dip. I got this dip cup that I clip into my air vents and it saves me!

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth | If you plan on going unmedicated when it comes to birth, this is a really good read. Some parts can be a little too natural/hippie but good nonetheless!

Water Tumblr | Water intake is so important, especially during pregnancy. I love the pink one that I have and I fill it up every morning and multiple times throughout the day to keep up with the suggested intake!

Amazing Newborn Book | This book is a short read and an interesting one. If you want to know all the cool facts about newborns and everything there is to know without reading a novel, you could easily finish this in one sitting. Tim and I both read it!

Daily Probiotic | I took this daily before getting pregnant and continued throughout my pregnancy. One of the fun joys of pregnancy is the constipation that comes along with, so this helped keep me regular if you know what I mean!

Bath Pillow | Baths are my best friend. I used to roll up a towel and have it at the back of my neck/shoulders, but this is a game changer. If you are a daily or weekly bath taker like I am–this will be your best friend!

Hypnobirthing | If you’re feeling anxious about birth and the labor process, try giving this book a read. It helped take a lot of my fears away and gave me a new perspective on birthing!

AirPods | I listen to music a lot and after doing our CBE course, I had tracks to listen to daily. These are on my nightstand and I use them at least once a day! They’re also helpful when I needed help falling asleep.

Pregnancy Pillow | Around second trimester, sleeping got super uncomfortable. I was waking up with the worst lower back and hip pain! In came this guy and it all disappeared! I’m not sure who loves this pillow more–me or the dogs, ha!

Maternity Shorts | The comfiest pregnancy shorts, and the cutest you will find! Not to mention affordable. I wore these all summer and on our babymoon and have multiple pairs & colors!

Nipple Butter | I didn’t need this until third trimester, but I noticed mine starting to get dry right around then. My midwife mentioned there was no harm in using it before breastfeeding, and it can even help to keep them moisturized when baby comes so they’re ready to feed.

Pajamas | Comfy pajamas are a must! These are what I have packed in my hospital bag. I have the shorts version and the long pants version.

Comfy Pants | These are also a must for me! Super cozy and also keep you very warm.

Wireless Bra | If you hate wired bras like me, then you should try this one. I switched over after becoming pregnant and I am a changed woman! No wires, but still the same support as a bra. But the comfort of sports bra! Basically a dream come true.

Underwear | I had to order more of these because I found myself reaching for them constantly! They have this stretchy feeling that is great when you’re big and don’t want something super tight around your waist.

Pregnancy Devotional | A great devotional that takes you throughout your pregnancy! It gives you certain things to pray for each week, memory verses and 1-3 questions.

Hopefully this helps you mamas to be! What were your pregnancy must-haves?

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