March Amazon Finds

We’re only 3 months into the year and the amount of stuff and how often we order on Amazon has only gone up. And to think this is only the beginning, lol! As a new mom, this is just so convenient and a way of life now. Not that I didn’t order on Amazon before, I definitely did, but I at least was able to get out of the house more. I’m still a little shy about taking Lorenzo out and about with me just because well…neither of us are good at it yet. I know we’ll get there–but for now, Prime is the way to go! Lots of different categories in this months finds. All linked below for you!

from left to right, top to bottom:

1. White Statement Earrings A pair of white statement earrings to pair for summer activities this year! These ones are so fun.

2. Tortoise Statement Earrings I got to wear these to an outing we had recently and I got so many compliments.

3. Black Statement Earrings You can never go wrong with black too, regardless of the season!

4. Bracelet Cuff I really want to work on my arm candy collection this Spring, so I got this guy to add to my collection. Its a great price and the quality is surprisingly really great too!

5. Seamless Bible Study This bible study has been on my list forever! It has such great reviews and I’m hoping to get through it before Summer.

6. Layered Necklace Spacer Ever try to layer necklaces and have them get all tangled together and it becomes one big mess, really quick? I got this handy dandy tool to help me layer necklaces neatly without the mess and stress of them being all tangled. Works like a charm!

7. Pasties A super random find to say the least, but I desperately needed some new ones for the upcoming season. The last time I bought a pair was literally in high school for my dance shows–thats when you know its time, lol! These come with a travel case as well which I like how its small and compact.

8. Pen Organizer I have a white organizer next to my desk in my cloffice, and this is where I keep all my extra writing accessories. I love to decorate my planner and use everything from markers to fancy pens, so I’m able to organize them with this acrylic piece.

9. Emergency Stickers Last Spring when we moved into our new home and new town, we moved to a big fire area. The likeliness of our home actually burning down is slim to none, but always better to be prepared. I got these stickers to put on the windows of the front and back of our home that state if there were a fire and emergency personnel was there, they would know we have animals in the house that need rescuing. I also have our number on there as well.


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