March Book Review

Went into March pretty excited that I had my first autobiography type book to read, and then was let down…basically immediately.

I definitely didn’t *hate* the book, but I also didn’t *love* it either. My expectations were high I guess, because it was a new type of book that I hadn’t read before. I’m not a big autobiography type of girl, but I wanted to expand my horizons of reading, so I decided to add two into the book club this year. Now that March’s book club has passed, I’m low key dreading the next one coming up. But hey, lesson learned! I tried something new and it didn’t work out too great. Oh well.

Even though I learned that autobiographies aren’t for me, there were a few parts I did really enjoy. One of the main reasons I chose this book to begin with was because Gilmore Girls has my heart. It’s such a sweet light hearted show that I binge watched and loved for so long! And still do. I was longing for details about the behind the scenes and fun facts, so once I got to that part, I was definitely captivated by it all.

I also found her childhood and pre-Gilmore Girls life to be really interesting. I guess everyone has to start somewhere, including actors/actresses, but I wasn’t expecting it to be what it was. Laura spoke on having to work multiple jobs to pay rent, which I love and admire so much. Not only that, but how much (and how long) she chased after her dreams. I feel like it sets a good example for those going down a similar path.

It also made me giggle at how similar I find her character in Gilmore Girls to be how she is in real life. Long winded, a little scatter brained, hard working, kind and sweet to everyone, with a little twist of sarcasm, always!

This was definitely a long overdo book review, considering April is over at the end of this week, but hey…better late than never.


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