April Book Review

Man, this months book hit close to home. If you haven’t read yet and you don’t want any spoilers—you’ve been warned!

As soon as the author started hinting at someone watching the kids, waiting to make a move on stealing one of them, I personally got a pit in my stomach. This of course is a scary thought regardless if you’re a parent or not, but now that I am, it almost made me more sad! Reading about my worst nightmare coming to life hurt my heart, but I had to remind myself it was just a book!

That being said, I think she did a great job at making the book suspenseful from the very beginning. We got hints that something was going to happen, and I personally liked that! I’ve read books in the past where it takes awhile to get things going, and those are always slow for me. This book kept up with my need for needing to be entertained with a book, constantly!

Now for the actual story. First of all—wow. Can you imagine? Getting remarried after losing your husband in the most tragic way, only for something awful to happen on what was supposed to be a joyous weekend. My heart hurt for the couple, but I thought they handled it beautifully. As for the parents, my heart just hurt again. Having to make the difficult decision of whether to go back home or to stay…I honestly think I wouldn’t have left, but I obviously can’t say. I can see why they needed to because of having other children, but wow. Talk about your mom heart being pulled in a bunch of different directions.

Although the end of the story was very satisfying for me, I will say, I thought some of the context was a little unnecessary. The bar fight? The girls dad being involved? In the end I guess it all kind of connected, but I would be lying if I told you I didn’t question it at some point. It left you wondering what direction it was going to go in, and then it kind of took a sharp turn in the total opposite direction. And some of the stuff was totally pointless. Was that just me?!

Once things started pointing towards the biological dad being the one that took him, and hearing about his past life and such, that’s when things picked up for me. From then on I was super invested! And also very tense the entire time the mom was heading for him.

Overall, I’d give this book probably a 7/10. It wasn’t terrible, but like I said…some things that were included kind of seemed like a waste of time to be focused on. Onto the next!

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