June Book Review

I almost instantly had a bad taste in my mouth before I even started this book. Mainly because of my last autobiography, and how long that one dragged on. Don’t get me wrong—absolutely love Lauren Graham! And there were some interesting parts, but…just not my thing I guess. This one—sort of kind of the same thing. You live & you learn! Except it didn’t feel like it was dragging on this time. She had a better way at explaining concepts, so that did make it easier to follow along.

I’m a huge Sound of Music fan, and also a huge Marry Poppins fan. Which I guess naturally makes me a big Julie Andrew’s fan! Reading about filming these movies and her early life being married, with a baby, and pursuing her career…huge inspiration. While yes, she had a nanny, but still. I have a lot of respect for her for doing what she did. Not only that, but I gained a new perspective of what it meant to have talent back in the olden days. It really feels like it means something totally different now! Like movie stars in the present will never know what it’s like dealing with certain struggles of technical advances, or lack there of.

If you read the book, then you know she did share a good amount of her personal life as well. I didn’t quite know what that looked like until I was reading, and then doing research because it intrigued me. I really admired how when Julie spoke about her first marriage and relationships in general, she did it in the most respectful manner. I mean, I didn’t really expect anything less of Julie Andrews…but it was still refreshing!

I am really happy that I gave autobiographies a chance, and that I included them in this years book club. I most likely won’t be including them in next years though. Interesting, but exactly enticing enough for me!

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