May Book Review


I’m not going to lie, when I started reading this I went in pretty blind. I chose this book to read end of last year, but I completely forgot what it was about. And before I started, I didn’t read the description either. The vibe for me from the very beginning was mystery—dark and almost eery. That immediately got me intrigued!

I usually like to talk about how the book was written, and I will, but I’m going to keep it short and sweet and simple. One word: fantastic. We got glimpses of the past and the accident from the start, but it didn’t completely give it away. I loved that! Even at the time of the last entry, it still felt exciting and new—like there were a lot of pieces to the puzzle. I’m a sucker for someone who pays attention to detail and the way she described every part really made me feel like I was there. I was able to dream up the characters, imagine the hospital, the houses, literally everything. Her writing style definitely has me hooked and adding more to my list!

From the very beginning I had a lot of suspicions about . When the main plot happened, and once Elise said she wasn’t able to reach him, my brain instantly went towards him being the one that was dead. Once that got proved wrong, I really was left clueless. Once they identified Sean, and then his son, I was sold on that ending. For me, the mom not being dead was a huge surprise to me. Some may say that they saw that coming, but I definitely did not! In the end, it makes sense. But honestly, I would’ve been happy with Sean’s son being the guilty one. The mom being the bad guy didn’t satisfy me like I thought it would. However, it does give me the major creeps! Once it was revealed that she was sneaking around the house, there when she was sleeping…eek! Scary to think about. Also, can we talk about Rick for a sec? He made my heart happy. Just the nice old man who protects everyone. I really hope he got a happy ending with his son.

More of her books will definitely be added to my list, and probably included in Book Club, 2022. Stay tuned! Overall book rating though? I’m stuck between 8/10 or 9/10. Really good though!

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