Maui Food Guide

Monkeypod Kitchen

Come here ready to order a Mai Thai! Monkeypod is known for their famous Mai Thai’s, and that’s for a reason! Not only are they known for their drinks, but their menu too. This is one of the top rated restaurants on the West side of the island and it does not disappoint! I highly recommend ordering the Bulgogi Pork Tacos if they have them (depending on location). I made that my lunch and they have a nice kick to them too. Now I’m craving them!

Duke’s Beach House

Believe me when I say, if you want to come here for dinner, MAKE A RESERVATION! We decided to wing it and show up with no reservation and just wait it out. We felt like it would be around an hour and we were both prepared for that. Nope! It was a 3 HOUR wait for walk-ins! If we didn’t have a baby, we would honestly probably have waited. But since we did/do, we skipped. We decided to come back for lunch another day and I’m happy we at least got to go here once! The menu is filled with options that will leave you questioning what to get, but let me reassure you there is no wrong choice!

Cheeseburger in Paradise

This hands down was one of the best meals we had while we were! I ordered just your plain old cheeseburger with onion rings, nothing too special, and it was magnificent! We were joking because when we got to the restaurant, we were both starving. So we weren’t sure if the food tasted so good just because we were hungry, or if it was really that good. The conclusion we came up with was that it really was that delicious! If you happen to be traveling to Hawaii but not Maui specifically, don’t worry–you’re in luck! They have multiple locations across different islands. Check out their locations here.

Maui Food Trucks

So. Many. Options. Can’t decide what to eat? Come here! That way you have 5+ options of where to go which means 5+ menus to choose from! I can’t remember the name of the food truck we went too, but I can tell you that it was amazing. We got some fried rice, dumplings, and one of their entrees and it was killer. Make sure to bring cash if you come here because a lot of the trucks we saw (they constantly change!) either don’t accept cash or have a hefty charge for taking card.

Castaway Cafe

We loved it so much, we came back twice. Once for breakfast, and one final dinner the night before we left. For breakfast we ordered the famous macadamia nut pancakes. To be honest, I’m not a big macadamia nut fan! But for not being one, I actually loved them. If you plan on eating here for breakfast, you may want to come a little early. I believe the restaurant opens at 8 AM (hours vary) and we arrived at 7:45 and were sixth in line to be seated.

We mainly came back for dinner on our last night because of the views. Wow, just WOW! Ocean front restaurant with the most beautiful scenery. I wasn’t a big fan of dinner (they were having a speciality night–only two entree options), so I ended up getting a salad which was just alright. Make sure to call ahead for dinner just to see if they are having a specialty night–make sure you like it first. Other than that, simply for the views this restaurant offers, it’s worth it!

Slappy Cakes

If you have kiddos, this place is a MUST! Create your own pancakes and make all sorts of fun shapes and designs. They hand over the batter and you’re able to make your own pancakes just how you like! While it is a little more work for the parents, I think this place will help you score major brownie points with your kids! Heck, I’m an adult and I had such a fun time making them myself. And, bonus–you don’t have to clean it up!

If you aren’t a big pancake fan, not to worry. They have plenty of other options of menu items to order! Tim ordered the chorizo omeltte and loved it. I wish we went back more while we were there!

Waikiki Brewing Co.

This was our rest stop after walking around Lahaina for a little while. We ordered some adult beverages and also one of their large pretzels to share. It made for the perfect afternoon snack! If you’re interested in a view (depending on the size of your party), ask to be seated towards the front of the brewery. We got the high table right there and it was gorgeous! You also get more of a breeze that way.

Leilani’s on the Beach & Hula Grill

We were recommended both of these restaurants, but didn’t get the chance to check them out. They are both highly rated though and lots of people seem to love them, so if you have a chance–add them to your list!

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