First Trimester Diary | #2

As soon as I found out I was pregnant again, I started making diary entries in the Notes app on my phone. I figured I would share my recaps that I wrote and am continuing to write until the end! Reading through what I wrote now feels so surreal since I’m much further along. All of the joy is still tucked deep inside of me and I am feeling so so grateful for our healthy baby boy. Enjoy!

First Trimester Diary:

Week 4: WE’RE PREGNANT! After 4 months of trying. Still doesn’t feel real and I keep taking tests to make sure it is. We are so so happy and overjoyed. God is good! Here comes baby number two!

Week 5: Since I found out I was pregnant so early, I couldn’t really believe it. I also didn’t feel pregnant. Well, that changed toward the end of this week. Starting to feel a little nauseas here and there—I can no longer go a long time between meals/snacks. Pretty much need to be eating constantly. I’m also peeing a ton! Two random cravings this week also: avocado toast with honey, red paper flakes and garlic salt and chocolate chip cookies. 

Week 6: Yup, definitely starting to have food aversions. Avocado toast now sounds disgusting and it’s only been a few days since I’ve had it. Food is a struggle everyday! Feeling VERY tired and just run down. Nursing a babe and being pregnant is no joke.

Week 7: (no entry)

Week 8: This week started out with Enzo getting a little runny nose. Wednesday, that turned into all of us having Covid. I’m definitely a little nervous but I’m trying REALLY hard to focus on what i can help—which is getting us better and focusing on relaxing and resting. Praying baby stays ok and that we can all make it out the other side. Also, Covid symptoms and nausea don’t do well together. Lol. 

Week 9: (no entry)

Week 10: The lack of energy/fatigue is REALLY hitting this week. Two back to back play dates did me in for a few days. Fully embracing the tired life though!

Week 11: Up until now, I haven’t gotten sick, but that changed this week. Barfing—oh joy! Week 12 was when it kicked in with Enzo full force, daily, for 10+ weeks. It only happened once so I’m crossing my fingers it was one and done. Only time will tell I guess!

Week 12: Alright, I’ve gotten sick once more. Holding my breath until we make it through the end of this week that sickness isn’t happening. I have a feeling I’ll be ok, but still, I’m nervous. On the bright side, all of our friends & family know that we’re welcoming another babe and it feels so good. I’m so so happy to be pregnant again! I think some people probably think we’re a little crazy since Enzo isn’t even one yet, but I don’t even care. Bring on all the chaos. 


Danielle Alana

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