Where to Stay in Austin, TX | East Austin Hotel Review

If you’re looking for a cute, chic hotel to stay at in the downtown area of Austin that is close to everything and is photo worthy inside and out—look no further than the East Austin Hotel! 

When we recently traveled to Texas we made a two night stop in Austin. We were graciously hosted by the East Austin Hotel and let me tell ya, they did not disappoint! There were a few main reasons as to why I loved this hotel, so let me dive deeper into each of those here for you.


If you look on a map of where East Austin Hotel is, the location speaks for itself. It is RIGHT next to downtown! Which chances are, everything you want to do is most likely in or near the downtown area. Not only that, but walking distance from the hotel is also a Target and a Whole Foods. A win for this mama! Also right next to one of the major highways which will get you a lot of other places as well. I included a screenshot of the map below because there’s more than just Target, Whole Foods and a highway. Restaurants, bars, shopping & more!


This hotel is what aesthetically pleasing dreams are made of. The lobby, the restaurant; the pool, the rooms—everything is SO picturesque. My friend described it as boho chic and I think that description fits it perfectly! Just look at the photos for proof. 😉 But really, if you’re having a bachelorette in the city or want some photos with cute backdrops, check it out! Even if you don’t stay here, they offer guest passes for the pool so you can even just stay the day. Click here to make a reservation!


Do yourself a favor and when you book here, get a poolside room like we did. It’ll give you a whole view of the hotel including the pool (hence the name), so you can scope out when you want to head down to the pool to cool off OR when you want to go grab food and a drink. Which leads me to my next point…


Down by the pool you’ll find a bar and right across from the pool, you’ll find a restaurant! Sixth & Waller is the name of the restaurant and inside you’ll find a boho atmosphere with pink walls and the most adorable tables and chairs. You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Chips & guac, fries or tots, or queso to start. Yum! Also on the rooftop you’ll find The Upside bar that overlooks East Austin. I didn’t get anything from here considering I’m preggo, but my friend did and her drink was delicious!

As always, even though this hotel hosted us—all opinions are my own. We traveled to Austin to see the city, go downtown, visit the capital and more! The hotel was able to accommodate us perfectly for our needs and because of that (hosted or not) we would definitely stay here again. If you have any questions about our stay regarding the location, rooms, the hotel, or anything else you can think of, don’t hesitate to comment below or shoot me an email with the topic “Austin” in the subject. I’d be happy to be of assistance to you! Until next time, Austin!


Danielle Alana

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