Fall Trends + My Favorites


Happy Saturday, friends! Tim & I are off to our first marriage class with my home church and I honestly couldn’t be more excited. It’s 3 hours every Saturday for the next month, and we get the best resources and tools plus a mentor couple to go with us through the process. Saturday is off to a great start already! To kick off the weekend though, I’m sharing today my favorite fall trends plus my favorite things that I think you NEED for Fall. As always, you can shop through highlighted links which will take you to the site, or through Shop the Post located at the bottom of this post.

I’m EXTRA excited about this Fall season because a lot of trends are coming back from the early 2000’s and those days were honestly my jam. Unfortunately though I was too young to style them correctly, so I feel like I finally have my chance lol! The leopards, skirts, and the mustard color are my personal favorite. I’m shopping for those when I see them and stocking up! In case you missed it, yesterday on Instagram stories I talked about some things that are on sale at Nordstrom right now and all of the stuff that I tried on in my stories is linked there, saved to the try-on highlight tab! You can follow me on Instagram HERE.

What are your favorite trends for Fall? Any favorites I should know about?


Danielle Alana

Transitioning to Fall


Fall is about a week away (8 days to be exact, but whose counting?) and I can hardly contain my excitement! One of my favorite parts about being in the influencer world is seeing all the inspiration from other women. It gets me that much more excited and motivated to embrace the season in its fullest! Though Fall is just around the corner, I’m finding it hard to prepare in SoCal! Temperatures are still in the 80s-90s and aren’t planning on cooling down ANYTIME soon. That’s the only downside about living here really, is you never get an extreme season…only Summer! With that being said I thought I would start to introduce Fall around here to Danielle Alana slowly, and how you can transition your wardrobe. Since NYFW was just last week, I found some of the best pieces to do so and I’m so excited to show you!

My favorite color this season has to be mustard! In my opinion the colors switch out every year and I feel like last year olive was a huge hit. It’s still one of my favorite colors for Fall (top 3) and I linked the jacket I got this year from the Nordstrom Sale that is olive. These colors are such a great way to transition, especially because you can pair them with summer attire still. For example, skirts are really coming back in and I’m SO stoked! All of the things I linked above are things that are either in my cart or I’m eyeing for the next Nordstrom sale. If you are in a similar weather scenario like me, then this is a great option for transitioning. You aren’t in heavy clothing and big boots, but it’s the fall colors and you are able to stay cool still! I’ve found that this route will be great for me to take since I’m craving Fall so bad.

Compared to last season, I feel like so much of the old times are coming back as far as what is in- and I’m honestly so happy about it! Skirts, cheetah print, you name it I’m most likely about it! My outfit above is linked and I love this go-to outfit since my sweater is super light weight. Fun fact: I was actually thinking about wearing this exact thing to the beach the day Tim proposed, until I ended up finding my adorable salmon color dress. Funny how that worked out!

But anyways, I hope this post gave you some inspiration for Fall on how to change out your wardrobe! Keep your eyes out for the Nordstrom sale that should be coming in the next two weeks or so— I’m planning on doing a try-on over on Instagram stories and sharing a blog post with what I got! Everything on the carousel above you can shop by just clicking on the picture. Yay for Fall!


Danielle Alana