Top 5 Drug Store Lip Products

Hello, hello! Happy Wednesday from me to you 🙂 As I am writing this, it is Tuesday and I am at work, (the boys are napping) so I thought I would hop on and type a few quick scheduled blog posts for you guys this week! If you didn’t already know, I have been trying to make the switch from high end products at Sephora to drug store products.  I think it finally hit me that I was really over spending $100+ just on make-up products, when minus a few exceptions, drug store products are just as good and they are much cheaper.  I did a post on my everyday make-up routine and you can view that here.  I thought I would add onto it and talk about my favorite lip products too! Here you have it ladies…

These are my top 5!  All of them you could either find at Target or CVS.  I get my Nyx Butter glosses from CVS and I got the Burt’s Bees, Milani, and Sexy Mother Pucker, from Target.  

1.  Nyx Butter Gloss in Eclair

These are by far my favorite lip glosses.  I chose this one as number one because I feel like a pink lip gloss goes with everything.  When it comes to lip stick, I usually stick with nudes, but with glosses I like to go pink.  This is the perfect pink shade and it’s not too thick! This one is pictured on the right.  

2.  Nyx Butter Gloss in Fortune Cookie


My favorite nude!  I usually don’t wear nude glosses, but when I do this is my favorite!  I was a little skeptical at first when I bought it because it looks kind of orange/peachy in the bottle, but it came out completely neutral.  You can tell you have something on your lips but it’s not too bright…it is basically perfect.  This one is pictured on the left.

3.  Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Oil in Whispering Orchid

This stuff! I heard about the lip products from one my favorite YouTubers (Alexandrea Garza) and immediately went out and bought it.  It isn’t as cheap as the Nyx glosses, so I only bought one, but I am going to go out and buy some when I have the time (and the money) lol.  In my opinion it is definitely a thicker gloss, but it stays on a long while and the pink tone I got is really pretty!

4.  Sexy Mother Pucker in Sugar Spun

So, you can buy this in actual colors but I decided to basically just go with sparkles because I wanted to wear it as a lip plumper and not as a colored gloss. Let me tell you, this plumps up your lips alright!  When you put it on and rub your lips together, you can tell that your lips start to feel tingly and it definitely gives you the cutest pout!  I usually where this when I am going to dinner or a night out with my girls!

5. Milani Lip Treatment

I pop this on every morning before I out on my make-up, and it is a life saver!  Apart of my morning routine is waking up, washing my face, putting this stuff on, eating breakfast, and then brushing my teeth.  By the time I head back upstairs to get ready, my lips are moisturized and ready for the day whether I decide to go with a lipstick or a simple gloss.


Since these are super cheap, I recommend you go out and try some for the fun of it!  They are simple and easy to plop in your purse or backup and they last a long time too.  Let me know what you think, and stay tuned for my next post, which is about how I keep my teeth white! 🙂


Danielle Alana

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