How I Keep My Teeth White

Hey hey!  Today’s post is short and sweet.  I get a lot of comments regarding how white my teeth are, so I thought I would share a post about how I keep them white!


BOOM.  Right HERE is the secret ladies and gentlemen!  I used whitening strips all the time, and I mean all the time.  They are so expensive and to me they only do half the job and they take awhile.  This is cheap, fast working, and easy to use.  It’s not something you have to set time aside for at all and you literally get white teeth within two minutes.

The directions are all on the box, but basically you use step one first (duh) and brush your teeth with it for about a minute.  You spit it out, don’t rinse with water, and then use step two.  After you are done brushing your teeth step two, which is the whitening gel, then you rinse your mouth out with water.  After a whole 120 seconds, you have white teeth! 😉  It’s only about $13 (way cheaper than whitening strips) and it is super effective.  I hope you enjoyed my little secret, now go head out to Target and buy it so you can start the weekend off with white teeth! 🙂


Danielle Alana

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