Life Update

Hi guys!  First off, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to come over and read what I have to say.  It really means the world to me and I am still overwhelmed with how much positive feedback I am getting from my blog.  Seriously, I love you guys!


Anyways, today isn’t a normal post and I never really planned on doing any life updates ever, unless big things happen, and I would consider this a big thing!  I try to stay active on here and also on forms of social media, but in the next week you will notice I may be posting, but I am going to stay pretty quiet.  I have a photoshoot tomorrow for upcoming blog posts, (which btw- I am SO excited about) but other than a couple here and there I will be MIA for the most part.  

The reason being is Thursday morning I am going to be having surgery on my sinuses.  So basically sinus surgery.  Specifically for my case, they’re going to be cleaning out my sinuses, removing some polyps, and shaving off some of my bone.  I have had a sinus infection since December…DECEMBER.  It has been pretty sucky considering it has been way harder to breathe, and I am just overall exhausted and not feeling well.  I have been on three rounds of antibiotics and every time I finish them, within two days, it creeps right back up.  So my ENT doctor made the decision that it was time to go in.


Other than that, everything is going smoothly!  I just wanted to give everybody a heads up because I know some of you have been super interested in my blog and that makes my heart happy! 🙂 And I don’t want you to think since I am going to be MIA for a little that it means I am going to be gone for good.  I’m taking the week off of school and work, so I’m hoping if I don’t feel like complete crap, I’ll be able to type up some blog posts since the pictures will already be done 😉  Anyways, that is all for now!  I’ll see you back here in no time, and thanks for reading!


Danielle Alana 

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