Casual Spring #OOTD

Happy Humpday!  I’m still at home recovering from my surgery last week, which I wrote about here.  Other than being uncomfortable, I’m pretty much doing ok.  I’m not aloud to do any lifting, so I had to take off the week from work from all my little babies who I miss SO much.  I took off school too because I wasn’t sure beforehand how much energy I would have or really how it would go.  If you ask my mom, she’ll tell you it went way worse than she expected, but if you ask me I’ll say it went way better than expected.  I had a major surgery in 2014 that was pretty awful, and so that is where my expectations were.  Obviously it wasn’t as tough as I imagined, so I guess you could say it worked out in my favor.  Tomorrow I go to get my splints out (ahh!) and I’m really hoping its not painful and that they will just come right out.  

Ok, enough blabbing.  Today’s post is about my go-to comfy #ootd that I wear in the spring, and pretty much every other season.  I always lean towards tennis shoes and a hat, because it is easy to just throw my hair up in a messy cute bun and pop on a cute hat.  I just got two new hats from Nordstrom that I absolutely love and I will link them below.  I stuck with plain colors for this one because they are easy to mix and match, and you’ll come to find that for the most part, almost all of my closet is black and grey…whoops!  Other than this outfit being cute, I love it because it is easy for anyone to throw together and they can personalize it.  Just grab your favorite baseball cap, favorite pair of jeans, a plain v-neck t-shirt or a sweatshirt, and bam!  Cute comfy ootd you have it.  

Thanks for reading!  And here is everything linked!:

Jeans// Hat// Sweatshirt (sold out, this one is similar) // Converse // V-Neck (Marshall’s!) // New Hats: Hat 1 & Hat 2 (I got this one but with the “LA” in white, this one is cute too!)


Danielle Alana

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