My Top 5 Summer Shoes

Happy Friday!  I’ve found a couple new pairs of shoes for this Spring that I wanted to share with you guys!  These are all summer staples in my opinion, I literally where them all more than once a week.  I took pictures in all of them so you could see what they look like on, plus a little review! Two of them I purchased awhile ago, but I linked ones that are similar or that I think are cute! Enjoy 🙂

1 & 2. ‘Miller’ Flip Flop


You have probably seen these sandals on me before, or just around town!  These have gotten REALLY popular over the last year or two, and they deserve it!  I wear these sandals almost everyday, and even though they are pricey for a pair of shoes, they are worth it.  I only have pictured the brown ones, but I also have nude and black.  The nude and brown are my top picks for Spring! SO this counts for one and two 😉

3.  Sam Edelman Henna Slide Sandal 

I originally bought these sandals because I heard about them from my favorite blogger ever (Emily Gemma), and I bought them because they were adorable but my initial worry was that they were not going to be very comfortable, only cute.  Well, I was wrong.  Really wrong.  These fit so perfectly and are smushy at the bottom which gives you a good base!  They are a big statement shoe so I only really wear them when I am getting dressed up, but boy are they cute.

3. Sexy Nude Suede Heels

So, these heels look a little big on me, but it is because I have really petite ankles.  They fit just right with the adjustable strap!  These to me are the perfect nude heel.  Once I find a heel I really like, I don’t need to go out and keep buying ones that look similar.  These sealed the deal for me, and they are really comfy.  I’m not a fan of wearing heels, but these I can keep up on hours at a time and my feet are totally fine.

5. Closed Toe Heel

So, the ones I linked are nothing like the ones I have, they are a way different material and look different, but they have the same idea.  I bought them from this website (one of my favorites) but I am hoping they come back soon since summer is just around the corner!  

I hope you guys enjoy! 


Danielle Alana

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