My New Diet

I never thought I would be writing this post, but here I am. I don’t eat healthy at all, and this new diet I’ve started isn’t that much better but it’s a start. When I say diet, I just mean what I’m eating. In my last post that I talked about my what I eat (click here to read it) I mentioned that I basically eat crap. And it was the truth.  I still do, but I have a new eating routine. I definitely have a donut here and there and sneak a greasy fast food in, but this is what I am trying to stick to now so I thought I would share. I put my old eating routine or like what a typical day would look like, and then what my new eating looks like so you can see the difference.

Breakfast: Pancakes or waffles. Sometimes a fruit. And a glass of milk.
Snack: Either hot cheetos, maybe a protein bar, or some kind of junk snack like goldfish.
Lunch: Usually fast food. Chick-Fil-A. If I ate at home, a quesadilla or a microwaveable mac n cheese of some sort.
Snack: Chips, candy, bite sized muffins, fruit snacks.
Dinner: It changed everyday. Sometimes a home cooked meal or sometimes fast food.

Yeah I know. If you didn’t know what I looked like you would probably think I’m at least 300 lbs. Here is what it looks like now….

Before Workout: Pre-workout drink, and either a yogurt, banana, or toast with peanut butter.
Breakfast: Protein shake, scrambled eggs, fruit, and sometimes mini pancakes or a mini waffle. (I can’t cut bread out of my diet, maybe someday, but now it’s just not realistic.)
Snack: Protein bar and/or trail mix.
Lunch: River cauliflower and broccoli with a veggie patty. Or, organic brown rice with a veggie patty.
Snack: More trail mix, fruit, or a protein shake.
Dinner: A home cooked meal still. If I’m on my own for dinner and not eating with family, a salad of some sort.

Progress, am I right?! It’s not a super strict diet, but holy crap that’s a big change! Some might say this is absolutely nothing but the fact that I’ve made these dramatic changes are pretty big for me. I just thought I would share my new diet for those who possibly eat like me, and are trying to eat healthy. It’s a diet that isn’t ridiculously a big change that you’ll be able to do it. Stay tuned for my next post… Trader Joe’s shopping list!

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