LaserAway First Impressions + Review (1/2)

Hi guys! So a couple of months ago I started laser hair removal at Laser Away Huntington Beach. If you don’t know what Laser Away is, it is a company that specializes in things like hair removal, tattoo removal, and a lot more.  You can read more about the services they offer here. I originally went to get a consultation on how much everything would cost. It is super pricey and so I decided to skip out on it. They were having a one day flash sale and the lady who did my consultation (Anna) at the front desk was telling me all the prices. The one that seemed most reasonable to me was underarms. So, I asked my parents for it and got it as an early birthday present. The price I got it for was $300 for 8 sessions, but remember this is flash sale price.  It is normally around $700-$900 or more.

I started going in February and have so far gone for three sessions. The lady who did my consultation was Anna and she is also who sold me the flash sale price. If you want a consultation or more info I would contact her at the front desk, she is so sweet! All of the contact information for them is in the above link.  Anyways, I am always greeted by Anna and then taken back with one of the RN’s. Every time I have gone so far I’ve had a different RN. I favorite some more than others, but I haven’t had any that I really don’t like. Before I go to my appointment I’m supposed to not wear deodorant, but I usually forget to so I wipe it off with baby wipes when I get there. I then put on glasses and sometimes a robe, but it depends on the nurse I get. Some nurses just have me slip my arm out of my shirt. Ok, now on the pain level…

The pain kinda sucks. Throughout my consultation and the first time I went, they said it was going to just feel like rubber bands hitting my skin one after the other, really fast. In my opinion it feels more like needles, not rubber bands. The pain is a little thinner, and pokey. When I say needles, I don’t mean like getting a shot, I just mean a needle poking you until you go “ow”. This might scare some people away, but the treatment is literally a minute long. It’s around 30 seconds on each arm which is why I can bare it. I have a really high pain tolerance because of my past surgeries, so that’s also a factor to think about. I’m not crying at all when I get the treatment, I’m actually laughing. It’s kind of like a, “Ow, you son of a b****” kind of pain” if you know what I mean. The first time I went I cried because I was super anxious about what it was going to feel like, so when I went in I was super overwhelmed since I didn’t know what to expect since the machine kind of intimidated me. I have been fine ever since though!

I have 8 sessions total, so I won’t be done with the entire process until about November. I plan on doing another post then to let you guys know if it worked or not. They say you should have 99% hair loss and barely any hair, so we will see. I really hope it works because if it does I plan on getting everything done over time.  I hate facial hair, and hair in general, I would love to have all of it gone except for my head, eyebrows and eyelashes haha.  Stayed for my (2/2) LaserAway review! 🙂


Danielle Alana

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