Must Haves for Plane Rides

Or, what’s in my carry on.  Same thing right?  I am doing LOTS of traveling this summer so I thought I would share my must haves for plane rides.  I am not a fan of planes at all… like at ALL.  I pretty much get sick every time I go on one- just ask anyone whose been on a plane with me.  I try to do everything and anything to distract myself, but nothing works.  I can’t fall asleep, I can’t read a book, I just sit and have a panic attack the whole. entire. time.  Can you tell I’m all worked up about this?  Ok, back to the topic.

I’m definitely not a pro by any means when it comes to traveling, but I have definitely figured out what I need and don’t need in my carry on bag.  I have been at both ends of the spectrum when traveling-a little too prepared, and by that I mean carrying a bunch of crap I don’t need.  And I have been on the end where I don’t have anything I need and I’m panicking even more.  So, after being on both ends of the spectrums, here is my list of everything I am bringing this summer!

1.  Headphones

This may seem like a self-explanatory thing, but holy crap, I once forgot ear phones and thought it was the end of the world.  At the time, it definitely was.  I use headphones on a day-to-day basis, so being without these my life was over.  Music is the only thing that comes somewhat close to keeping me calm throughout the ride.

2.  Cross-Body Bag

I’ve learned now that when I travel I need to bring one big bag and then another smaller bag for the trip.  I don’t want to lug a big tote with me to dinner wherever I’m going, but also, a crossover can’t fit everything I need for one flight.  So, I stuff a smaller bag inside a bigger bag.  To save room in my tote, I usually pack things in my cross-body.

3.  Aquaphor

This stuff is my ride or die-literally ride or die.  Not even just for plane rides, but everyday.  This has replaced every chapstick I ever used and it works SO well.  My lips get especially chapped while on planes so I have this in my bag to make sure I don’t get dried out, and I re-apply it every half hour. 

4.  Refillable Water Bottle

I drink water a lot now, so bringing one water bottle will only get me through the ride to the airport.  Airports over price EVERYTHING so bringing your own and refilling it in the restroom or sometimes water filling stations saves money and you can bring a cute one.  Of course, you don’t fill it up until after you get through security.  😉

5.  Laptop

I’ve learned to not pack my laptop and to carry it on, just because it can get beat up in your suit case and also if I’m early to the airport, I can work on either homework or my blog.  

6.  All the Chargers!

Laptop charger, phone charger, every charger! I  basically pack everything I can’t live without in my carry on just in case I get stranded somewhere.  Now, a lot of the airplanes have outlets so its easy to whip out your chargers and charge everything while you are sitting for a couple of hours.  

7.  A Book

Yeah I know, I said I don’t read or do anything on plane rides except have a panic attack.  Just in case a miracle happens though and I am able to calm down, I keep a book handy…because I would hate to be bored! 😉 #justkidding #maybeoneday

8.  Snacks, Snacks, and…Did I mention snacks?

Plane rides aren’t the greatest for me because all I can do when I am sitting on a plane is munch.  I go through more food on a plane then I do in a regular meal because I 100% stress eat.  It keeps me calm and gives me something to do other than aggressively holding onto my seat and sweating.  #imnotkidding

9.  Gum

My ears go crazy during take off and landing, so I make sure to chew gum to keep them popping.  I can only chew a certain flavor of gum while on planes, and its cinnamon.  Any other flavor makes me nauseous, which makes everything ten times worse.  My favorite is by the brand Trident!

10.  Hand Sanitizer

Germs, germs everywhere.  If you listen carefully and observe closely, you’ll notice in the airport that pretty much every ten seconds someone is either sneezing, coughing, picking their nose, or touching something dirty.  You will find me spraying hand sanitizer on my seat, my hands, my suitcase and my phone if I’m feeling really antsy.  

So, if you didn’t get the point by now, I hate plane rides.  But these are all the things I can’t live without while I’m on them.  These are all staples that I will check and re-check that I have in my carry-on before I leave for the airport!  Wish me luck on this plane ride- I am only on it for about 2-3 hours so it shouldn’t be that bad.  I am heading to Oregon for my sister’s wedding.  I am so looking forward to spending time with family and friends now that school is over!  What are your plans this weekend?


Danielle Alana

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