I’m not going to lie, after being on this trip, I kind of don’t want to come home…Ok, just kidding.  I totally do.  I miss all of my loved ones!  In all seriousness though, I never thought in a million years I would consider being a travel nanny, but after this trip, I’m falling for it!  I mean who wouldn’t want to do this?!  You get paid to travel the world while hanging out with your favorite little ones and you get to explore.  Where do I sign up? 😉

I decided to do a little info post on what I have started doing, and what it is like.  As I said in this post, I work for multiple families a week, so for this trip I went with my two boys that I watch + their cousin.  Anyways, I was asked if I wanted to join them on a family trip to Hawaii, and how could I pass that up?!  We are staying in Honolulu for 8 days and I’m working 7 out of the 8 days.  I work mostly, but also I get a little play time!  Work doesn’t even seem like work here (nor does it ever because I love it) because this scenery is STUNNING.  I mean really…I have 0 complaints.  I am so close with this family that it really seems like I am just taking a second family vacation.  I don’t sleep in even when I’m not on vacation and I never really have other than the literally once a year sleep until 10.  Rarely ever will you find me sleeping in past 8 o’clock!  Waking up at 7 is a dream to me, and 8 is actual heaven.  Waking up with the kiddos and getting to play in the hotel is even exploring, since we are never here!  When with kids, you see everything from a new perspective so literally everything we do is exciting.  Sitting by the pool, playing in the water, making our way to the sand, eating yummy snacks… we are definitely living the life!

I decided to start doing this because I figured it was a great way to venture out and gain new experiences!  And also a different/more fun way to earn money other than just going to someones house.  Starting this has definitely been an adventure and it is one I want to go on again and again!  Traveling itself is amazing as it is, but doing it while getting paid, to do something you love…it is the whole package.  Not to mention getting to travel places you have never been before!  

This is only my first trip as a travel nanny, and I am sure I have a lot more experience to gain, in the working part of it and the fun part!  But overall, this is a new chapter for me and my “business” I guess you could call it, so I am so excited to share my experience over time and also all of the fun places I will be going.  Thanks for tagging along!


Danielle Alana

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