Hilton Hawaiian Village- Waikiki Beach Review

Wide open areas of greenery, the most beautiful beaches, fun water slides, an excellent shopping selection, and turtle ponds!  What more could a girl ask for?!

This resort was BEAUTIFUL to say the least.  Literally, beauty on every side!  The ocean on one side, the pool on the other, food on the other, and Louis Vuitton on the other…like I said, beauty. 😉

This resort included multiple buildings on a huge land of property.  I was confused at first as to why it was called village until we got to the island and I realized how many buildings their were, and that the downstairs was an actual village!  The village included restaurants, shops, Starbucks, and everything you could imagine.  I wouldn’t mind living in this village one little bit!  The only complaint about it being so big was that walking around the hotel took a little since it was so big. Walking down to the beach from our room probably took 10-15 minutes, because waiting for the elevator and walking through multiple lobbies and all the pools.  For someone who doesn’t like walking or taking long strolls, I would recommend staying elsewhere.  This didn’t bother me just because it was such a pretty sight, and there was lots of people watching to do!  Soon many people were checking in and out everyday because we went over the 4th of July, and there was also a lot of weddings!  

The pools were definitely one of my favorite parts of staying here.  I never went to the “adult” pool because adult pools are boring (lol), but mostly because I was there for work which involves kids.  The kids pool was way more popular anyways! It included four slides and I went down three out of the four slides because one of them was closed the day I ventured out of the baby one!  I ended up going on the biggest one they had though and that was pretty brave of me.  And when I say biggest one they had, I mean the little tunnel that went through the dark that was faster than 15 seconds.  Ha.  The only complaint I had about the pool was that it was so cold!  The only time it felt good to get in was when it was really hot out, other times you had to dunk yourself to get used to it.

The beach was SO dreamy.  I’m not the type of girl to get in ocean water EVER, so the fact that I went in past waist deep and was floating for hours at a time was a HUGE deal for me!  The water was colder some days then others, but overall I was able to put up with it (which says a lot).  Like I said previously, this resort was jam packed so the beach was crowded as well, on the sand and in the water.  The view was always gorgeous though!  The food on campus was also delicious, and there was one restaurant in particular that was called Tropics that had a great view of the beach!

Fun Fact!  While I was in Hawaii, one of my good friends Lauren (everyone calls her Lo), happened to be in the same exact place as me at the same hotel during the same time.  What are the odds?! 

Anyways, overall I would 100% recommend staying here if you are ever in the area.  If you’ve been reading my travel guides, then you know that I haven’t stayed at a hotel yet that I haven’t liked!  This was a work trip and it was still an experience of a lifetime.  I’m already counting down the days until I get to return! 🙂 If you missed my post on my work trip, you can find it here.


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