20 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

In honor of turning 20 this week, I decided to do a little get to know me post!  Since I’ll be turning 20, I decided to tell you 20 things you (probably) didn’t know about me.  I say probably because some of you may already know these facts (hi Mom). 🙂  To all of you new readers, hello and welcome to Danielle Alana!  I am from Orange County, California and am a full-time nanny.  I finish up my two Associate’s Degrees this December and after that I go to further my education in all things baby. I hope you stay awhile and thank you for reading! 🙂



1. I’m obsessed with donuts.

Donuts are my life, specifically Krispy Kreme.  In high school I used to go almost every weekend, but now that I’m older the donuts don’t just slide right off anymore if you know what I mean.  Not just donuts, but I am in LOVE with dessert!  Pretty much every dessert place in Orange County I know or I could direct you to.  I’ll always say yes to dessert!  #sugarholic 

2.  I broke both of my ankles two weeks apart in first grade, and spent most of it home schooled.

I am the queen of being injured, just ask my mom!  I broke my ankles two weeks apart- the first one running and tripping in a sprinkler hole and the second hopping on one foot trying to go to the bathroom (with a cast on).  Not only that, but I broke my right foot back to back in high school.  Same foot, same bone.  Did someone say klutz…?

3.  I had facial reconstruction surgery of June 2014.

Both my upper and lower jaw were broken at the same time, and I have 4 plates and 18 screws in my face.  My mouth was wired shut for about 3 months and I was on an all liquid diet for a long time.  It was a miserable process, but I would do it all over again if I had too.  I had an underbite and my top jaw was slightly tilted.

4.  I’ve lived in the same house my whole life.

I have never moved!  And I don’t want to move, even though I know the time will come sooner or later.  I know no where else as home besides my house and I’m going to be a hot mess when the time comes!

5.  I’ve been driving for 4 years and I have never been pulled over or gotten a ticket.

Minus a parking ticket here and there, but that doesn’t count right?  Everyone will tell you that I deserve one, but in my opinion I’m the best driver ever. This just proves it! 😉

6.  My nickname my whole life has been Lil Snoop.

This started when I was really young, and it has stuck ever since.  My sister and her high school bestie gave it to me and I loved having a nickname when I was little!  I think this might have been when Snoop Dogg was popular.  

7.  I have one sister and we are ten years apart.

Shoutout to Nicole if you are reading this, I know you will eventually. 🙂 I grew up with a way older sister so I was always copying her and wanting to do what she did, which is why I probably grew up so fast.  I don’t mind it one bit though!

8.  I spent 15 years of my life dancing.

I started dancing when I was 3 years old at a local dance studio called Christine’s, which eventually turned into Elite Dance Academy.  When I got into high school, I made the varsity dance team as a freshman and did that all the way until senior year.  Dance has given me so many memories and given me so many friends which I am forever grateful for!

9.  I’ve been hospitalized more times than I can count.

Most of my life has been spent in a hospital- ha!  Ok not really, but I have had so many health problems growing up and also so many injuries that at one point I think I was a regular.  If only you could see my chart at my physician’s office- its about three folders full (I mean REALLY full) and all of them are falling apart.  Pretty sure I keep them in business.

10.  I’ve swam with dolphins and sea lions.

Dolphins were a blast- sea lions I was crying pretty much the whole time.  We have a family picture hugging the sea lion and my sister is all snuggled next to it and my face is saying #fthis.  I think mostly because sea lions look like sharks under water and that didn’t fly with me.

11.  I can’t see for s***.

Blind. As. A. Bat.  Seriously, I tried taking my glasses off one time while I was driving for 0.5 seconds and the car in front of me was a blur.  I wear contacts daily and had to get glasses at a really young age.  As I got older, my eye sight kept getting worse, but it has FINALLY started getting better these past two years!

12.  I have really tiny feet.

And by tiny, I mean I can wear and buy kid’s shoes.  Hey don’t make fun of me-they’re way cheaper!!! I’m a size 5 1/2 or 6 in women’s and a size 3 in children.  Finding someone with the same size shoe as me has been so uncommon, I can rarely ever borrow someone’s shoes!

13.  I have to get the closest parking spot. 

When I’m driving at least.  I have this thing where I HAVE to get the closest spot- even if I already past it.  I have to turn around, reverse, do whatever it takes to get that spot.  Ask any of my friends who have driven with me…they’ll tell you.

14.  I never drink soda.

Not just sometimes, not on special occasion, I mean NEVER. I tried it probably once when I was in first grade, and haven’t drank it since.  I hate the feeling of carbonation!

15.  I make my bed, pillows and all, every day.

My mom got me into this habit when I was probably in third grade, and it has stuck ever since.  I hate not making my bed because it means my room is messy!  And messy for me is like one shirt on the floor.

16.  I’m a total clean freak.  

Everything has to be clean, spotless, and smell good, all the time.  I am burning a candle in my room any chance I get, my bed is made and my floor is spotless, and my closet is organized by off the shoulder tops, tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve, etc., from left to right.  So I guess I’m a neat freak too?

17.  I have this thing…

Where I make a schedule in my head, and if it is broken or I go out of order of that routine, I almost lose my shit.  I actually get teary eyed.  Almost positive this is borderline OCD, but if it is, I’m ok with that.  I love order and routine.  

18.  I started a memory jar in 2012.  

Every year I write things that have happened, special memories, tickets to events, and stick it in this jar.  On New Year’s Eve of every year, I open the jar and read through all of the great things that have happened to me that year.  I reflect on how great my life is, the lessons I’ve learned, the people I have met, and the memories I have made.  I recommend everyone doing this, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

19.  I love scary movies!

I don’t actually watch them half the time, but I love the thrill of them and also the adrenaline rush.  It’s an adrenaline rush where I know I’m not gonna fall from the sky, and I just get to sit.  That’s my type of thrill! 

20.  I HATE rollercoasters.

No, no, no, no, and no.  I have only ever been on one and that was California Screaming in third grade.  My best friend at the time told me that if I didn’t go on it with her, we wouldn’t be best friends anymore.  That was enough motivation for me!  Really though, if you know Disneyland, Space Mountain is about the worst ride I’ll go on.  


20 thing you probably didn’t know about me, there you have it folks!  I hope this post helped you to get to know me a little better and also get a feel for who I am.  Stayed tuned for my next post which is coming later this weeks on my goals! Thanks for reading!


Danielle Alana




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  1. 8.26.17

    We have the same shoe size! I am also a neat freak/ clean freak. Everything has a place and order in my room. Cleaning and organizing is one of my favorite hobbies!

    • 9.8.17

      How funny! I haven’t met a lot of people who have the same shoe size as me. Also I am so glad I have someone else who is a clean freak 😉 Thanks for reading!