Ralph Lauren Summer Collection

Happy Tuesday!  Today’s post is about the Ralph Lauren Summer Collection!  I chose my favorite outfit from their line and I love it!  I got the cutest off the shoulder top (my favorite kind of top), my first pair of espadrilles (eek!), and a pair of jeans (that are really cute rolled up!) 

I feel like last summer’s fashion trend was dressing basic but stylish, and I feel like this year is the opposite!  I’ve seen so many pops of color and also more fancy summer outfits.  The thing I like most about this outfit in particular is I can dress it up or down- but with today’s post I decided to dress it more on the casual side.

The shirt has my name all over it, and if you couldn’t already tell, I’m obsessed!  It’s the most elegant shade of navy blue that also I am planning on pairing with a white pair of jeans.  Maybe white shorts if it is too hot!  I’ve had problems in the past with shirts like these not staying on my shoulder and being a little too flowy if you know what I mean.  This one stays at the right angle on shoulder showing just the right amount of skin while not looking like too much.  The same goes for the bottom of the shirt, which I like since it holds the flow!  

The pants I was a little worried about at first because I wasn’t sure what sizing would be like since that has always been a problem for me.  I’m different sizes in different brands!  But anyways, these ended up being a little too short on my leg, so I rolled them up to create the perfect capri flare jean.  These will go perfect on a summer night out if it’s just a little chilly out- it’ll keep you warm so you don’t have to put on a jacket to ruin the top part of your outfit!

Ah…my first pair of espadrilles!  I have had my eyes on these since I started seeing them float around Instagram.  I decided to get my hands on these since they are so trendy right now and also they are the perfect summer!  I love how light they are and that the shade of pink goes with anything really.  These shoes are also transitional into the fall as well- you’ll probably see me wearing them all year round.  The only down side to these being a light color is that they get dirty easily, so these will be worn for me on special occasions and when I get to dress up!  Since working with children never ends clean! 🙂

You can find my shirt here, my pants here, and my shoes here.

On Thursday, I will be doing a post on my other picks from the Ralph Lauren summer collection and showing you guys what is on my wish list!  Thanks for reading!

Thank you to Ralph Lauren and Macy’s for sponsoring this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Danielle Alana



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